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French President Emmanuel Macron and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met by video conference tonight and assessed bilateral relations after a five-month break.

The Communications Directorate of the Presidency issued a statement on the meeting of the two leaders. According to this; During the meeting, Erdogan affirmed that he greeted the French people in the person of Macron, with whom he met again after a long break.

Referring to the centenary of the Ankara Agreement, Erdogan said that dialogue between leaders in relations between the two countries has always played an important role.

At the meeting, the president said: “As two strong NATO allies, we can make important contributions to security, stability and peace efforts across a wide geography, from Europe to the Caucasus, the Middle East and Africa. There are steps we can take together in the fight against terrorist organizations that threaten our countries and the safety of our citizens and property. All these matters to act in solidarity in Turkey and France, we hope ”. saying.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, Turkey, France and the European Union, leaving the situation is a bit insulting, but said he would remain fragile to calm relations to take concrete measures.

Ankara has often run into Paris because of its policies in Syria, Libya, the eastern Mediterranean, and other issues. However, NATO members announced in February that they are working on a roadmap to normalize bilateral relations.

“For now, everything is supposed”

The Erdogan-Macron meeting held on Tuesday was the result of these efforts. “There were no more insults and the language used was more reassuring,” Foreign Minister Le Drian said in a speech in parliament the same day. Relationships remain fragile because the list of conflicts is long. Regardless, we are looking forward to a healthy relationship with Turkey. “He said, adding:

“The departure of the Turkish drillships from the waters of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean and the willingness of Ankara to resume negotiations with Greece are positive signs. Now we need concrete actions so that we can position ourselves according to those actions. For now, everything is called like that. “

First meeting after diplomatic tension

The leaders of France and Turkey since September, after the increase in diplomatic tension on the Paris-Ankara line, was the first time they had an opinion.

Interview, Turkey and Libya include France, Syria, Levant or Paris’ Adaptation to Islam of France ‘attempt’ Turkey’s impact on Muslims in France took place in the shadow of the conflict experienced deep diplomatic disagreements on various issues.

The tension on the Ankara-Paris line, Macron’s, Hz. His assessment of the Muhammad cartoons in the context of “freedom of speech” and President Erdogan said: “What is this person’s problem with Islam and the Muslims? Macron needs mental treatment. “He came out on top with his statements.

Erdogan of Turkish citizens Boycott French products and accused the French president of “Islamophobia”. However, Paris had called its ambassador in Ankara for consultations. The professors who teach at Galatasaray are also involved in the process. There are even chances of being deported. Turkey, foreign teachers to teach in Galatasaray Turkish at B2 level wants him to know. In December, European countries decided to sanction Ankara for “unilateral” drilling activities in the eastern Mediterranean. France led this decision. However, the decision that divided the EU in two was later delayed.

Turkey, while the leader of the next government based in Tripoli, Libya, France Maron, Khalifa Hafter Also Ankara supported Azerbaijan in Nagorno supported the armed conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh with Armenia, France offered strong support to Yerevan.

In fact, the French Senate recognized the “independence of Nagorno-Karabakh” with a non-binding decision in favor of Yerevan.

Turkey is also the president of France, Syrian militants (jihadists) accused of leading the war in Nagorno-Karabakh, while Azerbaijan and Turkey showed a strong response to it.

Ankara and Baku opened the role of mediator in the Minsk Group to discussion due to the “non-neutral position” of France.

Parallel to the appointment of President Joe Biden in the United States, President Erdogan expressed that they wanted to open a “new page” with the European Union.

He also extended an olive branch to Athens to continue negotiations on the use of resources in the Mediterranean.

In early February, Macron made a statement saying: “President Recep Tayyip Erdogan softened his attitude towards the West.”quite satisfiedHe said ‘it is’.

Furthermore, French leader Macron said: “Now, I hope that we will achieve good results with the withdrawal of Turkish troops in Libya, reducing tensions in Nagorno-Karabakh, Syria and the eastern Mediterranean.”

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