First in internet claims and charging

Consumers complained the most in the cargo and electronic communications sectors last year. With the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic, the time consumers spend at home has increased.

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According to Aylin Rana Aydin from the Milliyet newspaper, with the growing interest in distance working, distance education and e-commerce, problems have been experienced in the cargo and electronic communications sector.

Consumers complained about increased Internet use during the pandemic process, leading to speed drops and breakdowns.

Due to the intensity of e-commerce, the density above the current capacity of the cargo caused delays. This has increased complaints against the cargo industry.


Aydın Ağaoğlu, Honorary President of the Consumer Application Center, announced that with the increase in Internet use due to the pandemic, complaints have reached the electronic communications sector.

Ağaoğlu, stating that consumers generally complain about internet service disruption and slowing down, said: “Consumers faced a withdrawal fee when switching companies. Most of the complaints came in this direction. However, according to the Consumer Protection Law, they have the right to terminate the contract without paying a penalty for subscriptions longer than 1 year. The lack of consumer information is exploited, ”he said.

Expressing that complaints about Internet shopping also increased last year, Ağaoğlu said: “Consumers complained about fake and broken products for Internet purchases, delays in loading and problems accessing authorities.”


Aziz Koçal, president of the Federation of Consumer Associations (TÜDEF), noted that complaints against e-commerce, Internet providers and operators intensified in 2020. Stating that he received many complaints about shipments, Koçal continued as follows way:

“Due to the intensity of electronic commerce, there was a density above the existing capacity in loads. The complaints were too high for not being delivered on time, broken or broken product. There were also complaints about the refund of the student dormitories. ”

Noting that when they are sure that consumers are being harmed, they should definitely seek their rights, Koçal said: “They can submit a request to consumer arbitration committees.”


Stating that deposits paid at venues such as weddings, henna, and engagement ceremonies canceled due to the pandemic were not returned and that there were consumer complaints in this regard, Aydın Ağaoğlu said: “Consumers who were unable to get their money back from the Private schools that started Distance education also complained. Bank fraud complaints also increased, ”he said.


The online complaint platform Şikayetvar has announced its 2020 data. These are the most common complaints from the past year:

Bakers’ complaints rose 554 percent.

Cargo-courier: 404 thousand 123 pieces. Delivery delays are the problem most frequently complained of when saying “We came, you weren’t home.”

Electronic commerce: There are 309 thousand 395 complaints highlighting false and defective products.

Banks: 247 thousand 410 cards and the problem of the inability to access customer service were reported.

Internet service providers: 196 thousand 534 complaints.

Communication marks: 141,862 complaints.

The complaint rate in the hobby games category increased by 232 percent.

In the bookstore and publisher category, complaints increased by 195 percent.

Complaints in the cinema sector decreased by 79 percent.


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