Fire and air themed paper masks Bigumigu

When paper art is combined with mask design, great things can come of it. Lobulo Studio’s designed for the Grec Festival in Barcelona sculptural masks It was one of the best examples of this. Masks designed by Saša Aleksandar However, it had such an effect that it defied Instagram filters. Patrick cabralhandmade eye care Dinagyang Masks The series is the kind that I would rather make it look like a work of art rather than wear it.

Inspirational Filipino culture

Patrick Cabral’s oversized masks are inspired by the colors and shapes of Filipino culture. Mananayaw ng Langit in Magnifying Glass Y Dancers of heaven and earth These paper masks were commissioned by the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art for the Dinagyang Festival. Therefore, the mask series in general Dinagyang Masks called.

This cultural celebration takes place every year in the last week of January. Ati tribe organized together with the contest. This competition is an event where warrior dancers perform with loud chants and drum beats. With the aim of preserving traditions by reviving them with art on paper, Patrick Cabral imitates the costumes of artists and is inspired by the details and complexity of animal figures.

The yellow-red mask called “Lupa” embodies the passionate souls of a dragon and a crocodile. This mask represents the Earth, fire and light. The yellow-blue mask called “Langit” has the characteristics of various birds, especially the peacock. On the other hand, he has a calmer facial expression. This mask; symbolizes air, flight, horizons and dreams.

Dinagyang Masks

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