Fine of 114 thousand lira per cookie of 150 lira: sending the wrong product when ordering online

With the inclusion of e-commerce in the scope of the inspection, misleading sales made on social media have also started to suffer sanctions. A citizen who agreed to buy almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios through the social media platform Facebook complained to the Publicity Board of the Ministry of Commerce when broken chickpeas and dried corn came out of the load. The Board imposed an administrative fine of 114 thousand 326 TL on the marketing company for deceiving the consumer.

According to information from Milliyet, the Ministry of Commerce, which inspects electronic commerce, has begun to increase its sanctions against companies that victimize citizens with misleading advertisements. Finally, an advertisement for the sale of nuts on the social media platform Facebook mobilized the ministry.


Examining the issue after a citizen’s request to the ministry, the Advertising Board stated that there are images of almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios that the company promised to sell in the package sent through an ad on Facebook, and other nuts such as split roasted chickpeas. and dried corn with sauce in the packet found to be found.

In Facebook reviews, the company said: “Gaziantep Hacı Sayit Kuruyemişçi. The taste of Gaziantep. 1 kg of almonds + 1 kg of hazelnuts + 1 kg of pistachios 149.90 TL. It was determined that he sold nuts with expressions such as “Do not miss the prices without intermediaries from the producer to the consumer.” In addition, it was also determined that the comments of many consumers who were victimized by the company were included on the company’s Facebook page. By promising to sell a kilo of almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios for TL 149.90, it was determined that the company misled consumers by sending broken chickpeas and dried corn to consumers with advertisements and promotions that did not reflect the truth. Given this, the Advertising Board imposed an administrative fine of 114 thousand 326 TL to the corresponding company. In addition, it was decided to suspend the announcements of the company.


Recently, social media channels have been widely used in advertising and marketing. Many products are marketed through these channels with statements such as “cheap in the market, original, direct sale, imported”. Many consumers also experience victimization when products reach their hands. The latest regulations are expected to prevent consumer victimization by spreading criminal penalties for deceptive sales.


In the Bulletin Board decision, consumers who click the “Buy Now” button on the company’s Facebook page are directed to a page where they enter their personal information and contact addresses to order the products, ” Cash payment at the door “and” credit card payment at the door “It was stated that the options were presented. In the decision, it was emphasized that the misleading promotions in question went against the Veterinary Services, the Plant Health, Food and Feed Law, the Turkish Food Codex, Food Labeling and the Consumer Information Regulation, the Commercial Advertising and the Regulation of Unfair Commercial Practices and the Consumer Protection Law. .

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