Fight against illegal gambling: 6 million lire confiscated from the bank

As a result of the efforts made by the Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK) in the field of the fight against illegal gambling, which is played through information systems, last year the judicial authorities decided to seize the funds of 408 people in the amount of 6 million lire in the banks.

According to the compilation made from data from MASAK, which carries out the tasks of collecting financial intelligence, analysis and investigation in the fight against the laundering of proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism, 250 thousand 597 notifications were sent to the Presidency about 356,565 people in 2020, and this number was recorded as “the highest level in history.” The number of notifications regarding the laundering of the proceeds of crime that reached the Board was 237,531.

Suspicious transaction reports were generally submitted by financial institutions that operated as intermediaries in transactions in financial markets and by non-financial professional groups. The obliged subjects that submitted suspicious transaction reports were depository banks and electronic money or electronic payment institutions.


Among the notifications, requests for forensic investigations sent by the prosecution and the courts also occupied an important place. Of the 11,266 forensic inquiries sent in connection with an investigation or prosecution, 91.6 percent were related to individuals or companies suspected of being affiliated, affiliated with, or affiliated with FETÖ / PDY.


Although MASAK finalized 10,298 analysis files in 2020, during these analyzes 27,452 people were investigated and 6,941 reports or information notes were prepared.

The report prepared or informative notes and the information and findings obtained about 24 thousand 79 people were sent to the judicial / police authorities that fight against crime, as well as to other administrative institutions or bodies authorized to investigate / control the issue.

In the area of ​​the investigation of the crime of money laundering, 46 of the 190 investigation files were completed, including those transferred from previous years. As a result of the analysis, evaluation and inspection studies, in 2020 a criminal complaint was filed against 187 people for the crime of money laundering derived from the crime.


In the field of the fight against illegal gambling through information systems, a total of 188 analysis files were completed and intelligence collection and analysis studies were carried out on 1,557 people.

As a result of the studies, 172 analysis reports, 62 crime value reports and 14 informative notes were prepared and sent to the corresponding prosecutor’s offices or to the Department of Fight against Cyber ​​Crimes of the General Directorate of Security in order to be used in determining illegal gambling offenses.

1710 illegal gambling share transactions, totaling approximately 185 million lira, were postponed for 7 working days with the approval of the Minister of Finance and Finance in accordance with the relevant law.

Within the scope of the relevant article of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the judicial authorities decided to seize the funds of a total of 408 people for an amount of 6 million lira in the banks.

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