Featured Statistics About Cube Incubation’s Tübitak Bigg + Mentoring Program

Technopark is the incubation center of Istanbul Incubation of cubes, TUBITAK Bigg + shared current status statistics regarding the mentoring program within reach.

Incentive of 750 thousand TL

The Tübitak Bigg + program is a tutoring program funded by Tübitak. For each interface organization in the project spanning 18 months Incentive of 750 thousand TL provided. In the same context, Tübitak provides financial support to 15 different interface organizations in this regard. The current situation in the project is very important for other interface organizations, Tübitak and different stakeholders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. For this reason, Cube Incubation shares both the statistics about the project and the work done since the beginning of the project in a very transparent way.

Although there are some delays due to the pandemic, it is stated that this program will be completed in 2021. Cube Incubation aims to inform the entrepreneurship ecosystem more about entrepreneurship mentoring and share their experiences by sharing their experiences in this process and their statistics with the public.

Menti Venture Company Selection for Bigg + Mentoring Program

Shared by TÜBİTAK The BIGG + company list consisting of 5,329 companies has been examined. and the companies included in this list were reduced to 183 considering the verticals that operate with the project’s target audience and the added value they will provide to the country. After extensive research was conducted on this short list of 183 companies, the companies that wanted to be included in the mentoring program in the first place were contacted. 34 companies returned. In addition, 147 companies outside Technopark Istanbul were contacted and R&D innovation capabilities and maturity levels were studied. It was decided to support 30 SMEs. 21 of the companies that decided to receive support are within the Teknopark Istanbul body, and 9 of them are companies that operate outside of Teknopark Istanbul.

Choice of mentors

In this point, 549 individually reviewed mentorsA list of 200 people was created, deemed beneficial in the first place, and all of these mentors were contacted individually. Sixty-five of the mentors included in the shared mentor interest-gathering questionnaire were interviewed about the design and participation of mechanisms that would benefit an independent country that develops deep technology within the program and beyond.

Using Teknopark Istanbul’s cooperative networks and their mastery over the ecosystem, a call for a mentor candidate was made using various channels; in addition, the names suggested by the ecosystem were invited. 151 new mentor requests were received. Among these applications, 33 names were shared with TÜBİTAK, which have become prominent in the ecosystem and of high added value, who are highly competent in their field, and the new mentor was included in the proposal process.

12 of these names were accepted. 123 mentor self-evaluation questionnaires and the short list of mentors with final evaluations were carried out 67 mentors prepared to serve.

Forms for program management and analysis for apprenticeship initiatives

To be used in the process, many shape structures were created from scratch or made use of the Tübitak inventory. Many analytical tools to analyze apprentices’ initiatives were used from the Tübitak inventory or obtained from academic sources. By creating a mentor review board, they ensured that companies that would benefit from mentor support were identified.

Mentor-mentee pairing

The match was planned considering the mentee aspects that emerged in the analysis of the mentees ‘current situation, which were open to improvement, and the strengths that emerged as a result of the mentors’ self-assessment. In order to verify the harmony of the planned matches, introductory and harmony interviews of 30 minutes were conducted for the trainees of each match. Only the matches agreed by both parties were confirmed; 3 matches were paired in the 1st round, 5 matches in the 2nd round and 2 matches in the 3rd round. 24 different mentors were matched with 30 initiatives.


The total duration of the tutoring interviews planned throughout the entire program was 779 hours, and the duration of the tutoring interviews so far has reached 248 hours.

All talks on the show are expected to be completed in October.

Due to the fact that the program was being implemented for the first time, delays occurred from time to time in the early stages of the program due to the learning processes of all program stakeholders. Additionally, some mentors and mentees and their close relatives were quarantined due to the Covid-19 diagnosis due to the pandemic, and related discussions and studies were delayed for health reasons. However, since the beginning of the year it has accelerated to make up for the time lost in the process. Therefore, according to plans in 2021, all negotiations on the program are expected to be completed in October.

One of the main objectives of the project may continue in Biggar + Turkey’s mentoring initiative of founding a corporate structure. The incubation of cubes too I implemented the Global Mentoring Program. The program is open to mentor candidates from all countries of the world. So far, more than 200 programs have received requests for mentors.

In addition, by signing a cooperation agreement with GDEXA, the startups included in the program receive free tutoring from 65 mentors within GDEXA. Cube Incubation is working to establish a global partner with EMCC, one of the largest mentor organizations in this field. Therefore, by providing EMCC approved trainings to your mentors, you will ensure global accreditation of all mentors within your agency.

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