fastPay / Calumeno: “eSports will form a serious business sector”

Orlando Carlo Calumeno, president and CEO of fastPay Wildcats, guest on Endüstri Radio, said that esports is developing and will create a serious business sector.

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Guest of the 4P + 1 program with Tunç BerkmanastPay Wildcats President and CEO Orlando Carlo Calumenogave information on work activities.

America and Canada in universities and graduate education by saying that he found in senior management positions in the financial sector until 2007. After completing Calumeno, Turkey, the Balkans and the Central Asian bank, the investment bank, has established firms of brokerage and asset management. companies, and manages it, he said.

Calumeno, who has served as a board member and group CFO at Net Holding since 2007, is also the CEO of Merit International, which operates in Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro and Cyprus.


Founded in 2006, Turkey’s First Professional eSports Calumeno, the owner of the fastPay Wildcats club, emphasized that the club is the largest eSports club in the world with about 500 professional players, 43 teams in 31 different games, 26 administrative staff and 3 gambling dens.

Calumeno also claimed that his pilot team BAL eSpor, GPT eSports agency, league and tournament management and Down Force Racing League (DFRL) have been included in his organization.

“I think everyone should be in the eSports ecosystem in one format. I also think it offers very serious returns. At the same time, I think there is a very serious business sector in the coming years. At present, the turnover generated by the gaming industry worldwide has exceeded 184,000 million dollars. He passed the film and music industry. This sector now uses eSports as marketing. Although esports is still in its infancy, its future looks promising. “

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