Familiarization with classical music from cartoons Bigumigu

Since the beginning of silent movies, an important classical music It has also earned an indispensable place for animations. We find classical music in cartoons that affected our childhood, especially in the escape chase scenes, high-energy scenes, and pranks. Disney and Warner Bros. These songs, which are familiar to those who watch cartoons, helped many people to learn about the classical music of their time. Classical music, which conveyed the emotion and deepened the story in cartoons without dialogue, produced fascinating results with the synchronized movements of the characters.

Bugs Bunny at the piano

Cartoonist Vincent Alexander comes up with a collection that will bring back memories to a generation that spent their childhood watching Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, Road Runner, Mickey Mouse, Pink Panther. The artist, who creates animation, stop-motion animation and character designs, takes a trip back in time with a Twitter feed of 40 tweets. With each music sample, Alexander offers movie clips from different studios, from Disney to Warner Bros., from Universal Studios to Paramount Pictures.

On the Twitter chain that went viral shortly after being shared, you must have a Cartoon you will meet the scene. The whole chain where you will feel nostalgia while you watch and immerse yourself in the sea of ​​classical music. from here you can reach.

Visual: Twitter

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