Facebook Moves UK Users Data To California

As the Brexit study is in its final phase, Facebook remains independent of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and moves UK user data to California. brexit Facebook found a clever solution that takes advantage of the UK’s new independence status.

Facebook plans to export user data in the UK, which is about to leave the European Union. Approaching the end of the UK, which has accepted the European Union Privacy Rules until the end of 2020, Facebook will turn the situation into an opportunity and transfer approximately 45 million user data in the UK to its servers in California without any penalties.

Brexit sings danger for UK

Britain’s demand to leave the European Union is going through more than 3 years of negotiations, changing Prime Ministers, depreciating markets and many more. Technology companies also announce their decisions in line with their interests along with the process. Google announced in February 2020 that it will move the UK user data to their centers in the USA due to the uncertainty of the Brexit process.

The change is planned to be implemented in the next six months. UK users will be notified of this and will be asked to consent to export their data abroad. Users who do not agree will be offered the option to close their Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram accounts.

Facebook transfers the responsibility to the state by moving user data to its servers in California. On the other hand, UK user data leaves United States officials and intelligence agencies open to the provisions of the United States Cloud Act, which provides unlimited access to non-nationals’ data stored in the country.

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