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Markets are caught up in central bank decisions this week. On the political side, as the AKP Congress approaches on March 24, behind-the-scenes news appears in the newspaper columns. Despite the continuation of the pandemic, new administrations were determined in 81 provinces after provincial congresses that AKP president and president Erdogan completed throughout February, and the presidents of 25 provinces changed. While the Popular Alliance continues to lose votes at the polls, this rate shows how much Erdogan gives to the restructuring of the AKP. Likewise, whether it be timed in 2023 or an early election in mid-2022 as speculated, Erdogan will go to the election with this team that he is trying to ossify around him.

At the 7th Ordinary Congress on March 24, the Central Decision-making Board (MKYK), which is the party’s highest decision-making body and is made up of 50 people, and the Central Executive Board (MYK), called ‘Team A ‘, will be determined. According to behind-the-scenes news from the Dünya Newspaper, a more than 50 percent change in party administration is expected at the big congress. There is an expectation that former AKP MPs will predominantly be present at MKYK.

Once again, according to behind-the-scenes news, Erdogan will not limit the change to party administration. The cabinet change will also be on the agenda. According to the news of the Dünya newspaper, first the cabinet will be renewed and then the great congress will be held. Therefore, Erdogan’s AKP will be “renewed” with the changes it made to its organizations, the party administration and the cabinet in April. Thus, his message to the voters is to go to the elections scheduled after the renewal with the theme “Human Rights Action Plan” and “economic reform” announced by the President.

Let’s quote Canan Sakarya’s report from Dunya newspaper:

“After the transition to the presidential system of government, cabinet names were predominantly chosen from outside of politics. This time, it is said that more names from politics can be included in the Cabinet. In the new system the deputy of the deputy who is minister is finished. The AK Party has 289 deputies and does not want to lose its majority in commissions. At the beginning of the 27th term, Süleyman Soylu relinquished Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Abdülhamit Gül and Berat Albayrak to the cabinet. After the resignation of Berat Albayrak from the ministry, Lütfi Elvan became Minister of Finance and Finance, and the loss of AK Party seats in parliament increased to five. Therefore, it is indicated that if the deputies are transferred to the Cabinet, this number will be limited to a maximum of two names. Some sources do not foresee a change of deputies to the cabinet. After the transition to the presidential system of government, there were no changes in the cabinet, except for the dismissal of the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Cahit Turhan, and the resignation of the Minister of Finance and Finance, Berat Albayrak. Backstage from the AK Party, there is no expectation that Berat Albayrak, who left the Ministry of Finance and Finance, will participate in the Cabinet.

There is also the expectation of the division of ministries in the lobby. During the transition to the Presidential Government System, the number of ministries was reduced and some ministries such as the Ministry of Labor and Family, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance joined. It is also said that the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization can leave, taking into account the workload and productivity problems caused by the merger of some ministries in 2.5 years.

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