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Mega Tuna, a canned fish brand from the Philippines, argues that everyone will want to eat something, as they are very confident in the taste of their products. Brand, Spanish style preserves Show how delicious variety can be with a rather odd ad campaign.

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Fantastic commercial full of humor

Formerly for the RC Cola and Orocan brand strange commercial to your campaigns GIGIL, who has signed his signature, makes his strange creativity speak for Mega Tuna as well. The commercial begins with the woman who opens the Spanish canned Mega Tuna and saves the flavor. So far everything seems normal. The product is promoted. Yet another guest in the room wants to share this flavor. When they see someone eat like this, the team starts with the idea of ​​who wouldn’t be jealous of them, and the team takes the work to a surprising level at this point and turns the lizard and woman world upside down. down. You can understand how delicious the product has just been launched on the market by the fact that even a lizard wants to have it.

Tuna brands in the Philippines often create campaigns that emphasize health and fitness. However, they mostly feature the famous names of the country in their advertisements. GIGIL has created a work that attracts attention with the advertising it produces without losing its familiar strangeness in its creativity. The video uploaded last weekend alone is on Mega Tuna’s Facebook page over 1.5 million times so far. viewed and received more than 32 thousand likes. When you think about it this way, the brand seems to have achieved its goal. Fer Machado also attracted attention, the strange announcement shared by different accounts on social networks. Burger King’s global CMO was apparently also heavily influenced by the announcement.

Client: Mega Tuna
Agency: GIGIL
Creative Partners: Badong Abesamis, Herbert Hernandez
Managing Partner: Jake Yrastorza
Account Manager: Jim Jimenez
Account Manager: Nova Novido
Associate Creative Director: Dionie Tañada
Art Director: JR Bumanglag, Catherine Dizon, Chrislyn Gregorio
Director: Marius Talampas
Editor: Marky Doromal, Gem García
Coloring: Barebones / Aurie Anden
Voice: Vener Ariston

Visual: YouTube

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