Eurasia Survey: People’s Alliance 42%, Nation’s Alliance 40%

Eurasia Research Director Kemal Özkiraz shared the results of his latest survey on his Twitter account. The poll Muharrem Mustafa Sarigul agrees with that at the beginning of the Turkey Change Movement Homeland Party (TDP) of the total voting rate appears to be 3 percent.

The information provided by Kemal Özkiraz is as follows:

– In our polls, we started to come across auditions for parties like the Homeland / TDP movement, albeit more frequently than the Deva and Future parties. In our poll this month, we counted the names of the parties and the names of the leaders and asked you which party you would vote for.

– When we asked in this way, we realized that there was a slight decrease in the undecided and dominant parties, the / SP / Deva / Future / BBP / Vatan / YRP (Re-Welfare Party) TDP and the Movement of the Fatherland were more visible. This shows us that parties with an organization will get more or less one vote.

– Will this affect fewer / more votes to the result? I don’t think the effect is the same for both sides. Those who left power developed an ideological discourse. But those who left the opposition were unable to develop a selectable ideological discourse. Our February results are as follows:

AKP: 34.8

Cogeneration: 26.2

İYİP: 13.1

HDP: 9.1

MHP: 7.0

Future: 2.7

Deva: 2.5

TDP: 1.6

Mecca Movement: 1.5

SP: 0.7

YRP: 0.4

BBP: 0.2

Homeland: 0.2

If we look at the alliances, the situation is as follows:

AKP + MHP + BBP = 42.0

Deva + Future = 5.2

HDP = 9.1

Ince (MH) + TDP + Vatan + YRP = 3.7.

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