Epic Games Used Virtual People

One of the most prominent projects at CES 2020 last year, Neon AI avatars called “ AI ” offered insight into what roles virtual entities will play in the future. Developed by Samsung’s STAR Labs, these virtual beings that look and act like human beings were one step in turning science fiction into reality. Epic Games, which has incorporated companies like 3Lateral, Cubic Motion, and Quixel, also announced the realistic avatar developed with its experienced employees. Digital human technology similar to AI neon avatars MetaHuman CreatorIt is powered by Unreal Engine, the popular game engine developed by Epic Games.

Creating a high-quality digital persona in a matter of hours

MetaHuman Creator, which allows you to create highly realistic human profiles in no time, can work with motion capture and animation techniques. It can operate in real time. The process of creating a realistic virtual person, which previously took weeks, can be completed in hours with this tool. Vladimir Mastilovic, vice president of digital human technology at Epic Games, also points to the challenge of creating realistic human characters in 3D content creation. MetaHuman Creator will help users achieve the results they want. she says.


As can be seen in the promotional videos, the quality of skin, hair, eyes and other small facial details is quite high. Although realistic facial features are not perfect for micro facial expressions, they are very efficient. Users can create the character by making changes or starting from scratch through the digital people currently in the library. More than 30 hair types and 18 different body types are currently in the library.

Although its goal is to serve the games industry, 3D content creators and game developers have the potential to serve the entire visual market, such as film and television. MetaHuman Creator will be featured as part of the early access program in the next period. On the other hand, those who do not want to wait so long are two examples of a completely finished Unreal Engine. You can download this link.

Visual: YouTube, Unreal engine

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