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JR Eisma, also known as Jars, interprets the spaces that he has shaped from the requests and personal explanations he sends him with his own style. Thus, spatial drawings emerge that you cannot get enough of to examine the details and that warm the interior as you look at it.

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He loves to tell stories by drawing for as long as he can remember. Jars He is only 24 years old. In the illustration universe, where he began designing characters as a child, he gradually switched to concepts of fantastic creatures and landscapes. His journey in this field finally brought him to the present, when he created the people and places they love. In short, the artist is currently creating indoor posters prepared according to the special demands of couples.

Small details bring drawings to life

His favorite stage in the drawing process; Moments when you add little details like a lost sock hanging from the dresser, the anniversary date on the calendar, a deer drinking water in a distant river, or fireflies dancing around a campfire. He believes that these details really bring the illustrations to life. You want the illustrations you completed to remain a unique work of art for each of your clients. For this reason, you do not sell the print of the drawing that you prepared for a couple to other people in any way.

Draw on iPad Pro 11 using Apple Pencil 2 and Procreate. It takes 2-3 weeks to complete an order. Jars is a self taught artist rather than going to art school. He took art classes as an extra course to have fun in high school and college. However, he got to this point mainly by watching tutorial videos on YouTube and drawing a lot.

When the order arrives, you can produce an illustration using your imagination, completely with references (photographs) or a combination of both. In this pageYou can see examples of the process of creating an imaginary room, along with some real-life references.

Please ask for the following types of computer descriptions along with the photos:

“Make it a place with large windows. We love to cuddle in stormy weather. We also love South Park. It would be great if he was referring to Frazier somewhere in the drawing. “

“He likes to play video games. His favorite is Red Dead Redemption. But we also have an old N64 together. We are listening to vinyl. We love all kinds of music, but house / techno is our favorite. We have 4 pets, including 1 dog (hybrid schnauzer), 2 American shorthair cats, and a pig snake. It would be great to include them all! “

Visual: Instagram

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