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How Ordinary Items Turn Into Interesting Handmade Works By Ulla Stina Wikander In his cross stitch sculptures We have seen Polish artist Alicja Kozlowska focuses on everyday objects with the same approach. But the material you use feels. Kozlowska creates 3D embroidered felt sculptures of these objects to show the relationship between works of art and everyday consumables.

Alicja Kozlowska draws consumer attention to creativity in product packaging

Inspired by both consumption and the reality that surrounds us Alicja Kozlowska produces realistic sculptures with a pop art aesthetic. In this way, he encourages viewers to rethink these seemingly unimportant objects.

The artist uses the felt needle almost like a paintbrush. He also applies embroidery and sewing techniques when writing and labeling. Painting by sewing points to the indifference constructed culturally by the artist.

Mass consumer products die when they hit the shelf, according to the artist. It emphasizes that packaging designers can be some of the most creative artists whose work is often unknown. They are not recognized because consumers never think about the art of these packages. That is why you want to help consumers look at everyday objects or products from a different perspective.

Kozlowska, as you may have noticed in his publications, was very influenced by the aesthetics of pop art and especially by Andy Warhol. “What impressed me most about Warhol’s work was the sheer elegance, simplicity and clarity of his paintings,” he says. “My art is closely related to the contexts of everyday life, social networks and the media, which helped define not only the meaning of my work, but also me as an artist,” said Alicja Kozlowska in a statement. about your work.

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