Electric Scooter Sharing Initiative in Izmir: GEZ Mobility

Every day, a new player is added to electric scooter sharing initiatives, one of the most popular areas in the business world. One of the new players in our country GEZ mobility, In June 2020 Kutlu Cagan Senturk and Ülkü Öner was founded by in Antalya.

AntalyaAlthough it is established in Izmir, the startup operating in Izmir has a similar working logic with other electric scooter sharing solutions. Alsancak in Izmir – Göztepe can be actively used between RETROSPECTIVE UNDERSTANDING Mobility allows you to rent electric scooters through the mobile application.

When we look at GEZ Mobility prices, the opening fee 1.99 TLif your rate per minute is 0.79 TRY We see that. Ultimately, it will be done with GEZ Mobility scooters. A 10 minute ride costs around TL 10.. According to the information we have obtained from GEZ Mobility, their initiative is 8 thousand users It has.

For scooters and electric cars as well as scooter rental service charge and Park seasons GEZ Mobility charging stations, which also produces 4 businesses and 2 residences is being used. The initiative, which aims to facilitate the management of parking stations and increase efficiency in the field, will also allow users to charge their personal electric vehicles through the app when the testing process of the charging stations is completed. vehicles. GEZ Mobility will start using shared scooters designed by a local manufacturer for GEZ Mobility in its new fleet.

The number of scooters in Izmir will increase in the future GEZ mobility, two metropolitan municipalities also agreed with. Let us add that according to the information we have obtained, GEZ Mobility is in the process of meeting with several universities and cities located abroad. If you want, you can use the GEZ Mobility app for Android. from hereyes for iOS from here You can download it.

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