Edible designs with Polaroid CandyPlay 3D Pen Bigumigu

3D pensit is one of the technologies that can facilitate the work of creative bodies. This innovation, which we have followed closely from the beginning, can now be used seriously in many design lines. The fascinating work created by Seiran Tsuno using a 3D pen. Wandering spirits collection was one of the best examples of this. Polaroid CandyPlay He makes a very sweet move in this area with his 3D pencil.

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Polaroid CandyPlay with candy cartridges but no sugar

Polaroid CandyPlay It is delivered to the user with four cartridges used as edible media. Users can choose from six different flavors: strawberry, orange, apple, grape, lemon, and cola. The best part is that these cartridges are sweet but completely sugar free. According to the statement on the website, Polaroid broke new ground in the 3D pen market with this edible printing pen.

Polaroid CandyPlay

The pen looks pretty easy to use. You plug it in, the LED light informs you that the heating mechanism is hot enough. You must press the red button for the adhesive material to come out intermittently. If you want it to flow continuously, you can adjust the settings for this as well. Polaroid recommends that beginners try some templates that can be downloaded from their site to get used to the pen’s working system.

The pen goes on sale in the UK for £ 35 is seen. Although not for sale in Turkey yet here how to buy You can follow the news from the button.

Visual: Polaroid

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