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Commonly used cardboard coffee mugs unfortunately have a major flaw; designs make recycling difficult. The glass is made of cardboard and the lid is made of plastic, which requires them to be recycled separately, which is often not possible. Most of these glasses even have a plastic coating on the glass itself. This is a feature that makes it impossible to recycle. We’ve covered it before ButterflyCupIt was a very important step in solving this problem with the single cup design without a lid or plastic liner. Furthermore, all inks used outside of glass were of vegetable origin. Now developed with a similar approach Unocup We have another cup of nature friendly coffee called.

Unocup is 100% soluble in nature

Inspired by origami Unocup recently received the Innovation by Design award (in the packaging category) from Fast Company. About 8.25 million tons of plastic waste goes into the ocean each year, according to Unocup, the company with the same name. It can take millions of years for this debris, which causes serious damage to the oceans and marine life, to disappear completely. Even New York alone produces enough plastic roofing waste to cover the world three times over. Unocup has developed its own special design to solve this problem and, of course, prevent the coffee from spilling. To simply describe the design, it is an ergonomic paper cup that folds in on itself. Unlike traditional paper cups, it has a strong body that doesn’t collapse easily.

There is a simple locking mechanism that you can insert the upper one into the lower wing after folding each wing inward. When closed this way, there is a small space at the end where you can have a sip of coffee on the road. This part is specially designed to fit naturally on lips rather than flat lids.
When you press lightly at the point where the full wings lock in the closed position, the wings open easily. So, you don’t need to pay attention to the fear of “will I pour it?”

Hundreds of prototypes were prepared to make Unocup what it is today.

Unocup’s design is signed by Tom Chan and Kaanur Papo. Its first prototype was developed in 2015 and has since been revised 800 times to achieve the perfect ergonomic design. Optimized for significant cost and energy savings in production, storage and transportation without the need for new machinery or investment. It is a design that can begin mass production immediately using existing cup making machines. First, the basic body was prepared as a simple origami glass. This was followed by numerous exchanges of ideas with coffee shops and hundreds of prototypes. Finally, Unocup, the version closest to the current one, was born in 2019. same year Successfully funded on Kickstarter.


Picture: Unocup

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