“Due to artificial intelligence, some professions can disappear completely”

Prof. Dr. Cem Say said at the “Our Friend Artificial Intelligence” panel organized online by the Edirne branch of the Turkish University Women Association, that artificial intelligence was created in light of studies that arose out of the curiosity to give meaning to the human brain.

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Stating that artificial intelligence began to enter human life after the 1950s, Say said: “Artificial intelligence has been in our lives intensively in recent years. Our phone has been used as useful products for many purposes, including telling us which way to go better. ” said.

Noting that artificial intelligence is now used in many areas of life, Say continued as follows:

“Artificial intelligence, the best driver in the world, the best taxi driver in Istanbul, could not know which roads are empty, which roads are closed at the moment, ‘Where do I arrive in how many minutes? It solves the problem for us and tells us the options. It makes life easier. Provides great benefit in medical imaging. It will be used more in the future. It will be used even more in the future. It will also be said that he has an artificial intelligence to look at my X-ray. You can communicate “.


Prof. Dr. Say, expressing that artificial intelligence applications can do some jobs better than humans, Say said:

“One day he will do the job of driving the car better than people because he will not sleep, he will not drink alcohol. Of course, they will release them when they reach a certain quality. They will be used after being successful. It has always been like that in history. So when a machine that does that does that job better than 100 people, that system is now used. But those 100 people did not starve, they do different jobs. Some professions can disappear completely due to artificial intelligence. necessary. “


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