Drawing in a lucid dream

Lucid dreaming has become very popular in recent years and many of us now know what it is. This experience, also called lucid dreaming; dreams in which the person is aware that he is dreaming while dreaming. The term was first used by parapsychologist Celia Green of the Oxford Institute of Psychophysics. used. You may have heard of research that lucid dreaming supports increased creativity, development of problem-solving ability, overcoming phobias, and development of sports and language skills. Illustrator Dave Green is one of the names who uses this experience to develop his creativity.

Lucid dream While for many of us it is a coincidence or a learning experience, for Dave Green it is different. Green notes that he has had lucid dreams regularly since childhood. You also learned these lucid dreaming techniques. More recently, he has been using this altered state of consciousness to create works of art.

Dave Green redraws his dream pictures when he wakes up

Green is seen drawing in his dreams and when he wakes up he recreates this drawing in real life. In other words, your drawings are actually copies of what you drew in your dreams. According to the artist, lucid dreaming is a mixture of conscious intention and surprising, random events that unfold in response to that intention. This dynamic is shown on the page you look at as you draw in your dream. By the way, he points out that most of his dreams are incredibly plotless. Most of them have no other action than simply getting out of bed and walking to your desk.

While drawing in your dream, you deliberately try to keep the drawing simple. Then you know you can copy it. However, sometimes an incredibly complex drawing is revealed from the subconscious in your dream, and in such cases, if your memory is insufficient for the actual drawing, you complete it based on guesswork.

Dave Green is also a comedian and started these lucid dream drawings during quarantine times. The same Website, Twitter Y Instagram You can move on.

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