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doveMade in 2019 #Show us In his campaign, he collaborated with Getty Images to create more than 10,000 stock photos. She prepared this campaign to change the perception of uniform beauty, to redefine the visibility of women in the media and the shape of this situation. “70 percent of women still do not feel represented by the media and the advertising industry,” said this campaign. The brand, which puts its message in the foreground, intervenes in the sector from within and encourages other brands in this diversity. By challenging the ideals of beauty restricted to certain definitions, Dove has to initiate a change in the way women are represented. It depends on us Start your campaign.

An inclusive representation of beauty and a commitment to empowering women.

Prepared by Lola MullenLowe Madrid, the campaign works with several independent casting agencies. Women of different types and characteristics are encouraged to participate in big brand campaigns or be the face of the brand. Dove not only takes test photos of the actors in the nomination process, but also handles the distribution process for these videos. The brand, which encourages advertising agencies to include different types and models of women, also subsidizes their hiring costs. Dove also expresses its appreciation to Magnum, Krispy Kreme, Cif and Nedbank for accepting and supporting this call, and includes women in brand campaigns.


To be sure, running the campaign also has an effect that will help women feel more confident about their appearance. Draft perception of beauty It also questions how it is defined and within what limits.

As a brand that challenges stereotypical perceptions of beauty, Dove’s global vice president, Sophie van Ettinger, says it’s her duty to change the way women are portrayed in ads. It emphasizes that its objective is to show brands and companies a more diverse representation of beauty.


Client: Dove
Global Vice President: Sophie Van Ettinger
Senior Brand Manager: Hugo Rawlinson
Agency: LOLA MullenLowe, Madrid
Executive Creative Director: Tomás Ostiglia
Editor: Jorge Zacher, Joaquín Cuadrado
Art Director: Yan Graller, Gines Gomez, Felipe Antonioli
Agency Production Director: Felipe Calviño
Production Agent: Jorge Saade, Riska Emeran
Production Company: 7Films
Executive Producer: Nina van Rensburg
Director: Laurens van Rensburg
PDO: Luke van Rensburg
Producer Saskia Finlayson
Music: The Racer by Tristan Barton
Post-production: 7 films

Visual: YouTube, Lola Mullen as Lowe

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