DISK-AR: An average of 500 workers were laid off with Code-29 per day during the pandemic.

The Research Center of the Confederation of Revolutionary Trade Unions (DISK-AR) revealed the dimension of the application of Code 29, which makes it easier for employers to fire workers, despite the ban, with the pandemic.

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Code 29; The SSI code, which provides for the legitimate dismissal of the employer for shameful crimes such as theft, sexual assault and stalking. The employer can fire the employee for this reason without any preconditions through e-government. When the employee is fired with this code, he is also registered in his registry and cannot perform other jobs. Furthermore, they cannot receive severance pay and notice and cannot benefit from the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Based on SSI data, DISK-AR revealed that 177,000 workers were laid off in 2020 through this Code-29, which was exempted with the ban on layoffs with the pandemic. Is; It means that an average of 14,722 workers a month and an average of 500 workers a day are fired based on Code-29. With Code 29, 34,145 women and 142,517 male workers were laid off in one year.

Defining Code-29 as “a bleeding wound from working life”, DİSK-AR; “This method, which employers have used for many years to usurp workers’ compensation and pay notification rights, has also been abused to circumvent the ban on dismissal applied during the Covid-19 period. Article 25-II of the Labor Law is one of the exceptions to the prohibition of dismissal ”.

DISK and the ISIG Council have long been fighting to abolish Code-29.

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