Digital transformation consultancy Digitopia received its first investment from Ahmet Bilgen

Digital transformation consulting company that just completed its first year DigitopiaIt received its first multi-million dollar valuation investment to expand its “Digital Maturity Index” (DMI) service overseas and make it a global standard. Founder and technology entrepreneur of Foriba, one of the angel investors who has closely followed Digitopia’s first investment since its creation. Ahmet Bilgenreceived from.

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Digitopia moved its headquarters to London just after its creation. The platform can detect the level of digital maturity of companies of all sizes; It carries out the digitization of the consultancy by converting its industrial and systemic perspective into a digital platform.

One of the founding partners of Digitopia who evaluated his investment Kagan sahin Ahmet Bilgen underlines his name in investing: “It is quite unusual to get an investment as a consulting company, especially at such an early stage. We thank Ahmet Bilgen for believing and trusting in our vision. Starting in 2021, first Europe, then the Middle East and then Middle East “We are planning to expand to more distant lands. This investment will add strength to our power and speed to our speed. “

Other partner Halil aksu He expressed his thoughts on investing as follows: “We sleep and wake up with digital transformation. This has almost become our passion. Adding value to our clients and seeing them progress on their digital transformation journey makes us very happy and honored. Doing this around the world “is a separate experience and success will be. Ahmet Bilgen, I met when I came to Turkey, SAP in my career I am together I started dear friend. We launched the foundations of Foriba together. We are proud of your success. Now our path to a new beginning has crossed again. I hope Digitope Ahmet Bilgen achieves another success with his experience. We are very excited, very happy. “

Ahmet Bilgen, the founder and technology entrepreneur of Foriba, who invested in Digitopia, shared: “It is a great vision to turn the consulting business into digital. I know the founders. Their team is very successful. Their desire to do this business . all over the world also impressed me. ” Ahmet Bilgen explained his views on the investment he made in Digitopia in the following words: “Doing the consulting business with software as much as possible will bring you great speed and growth. It will be my pleasure to support. I hope that together you will have very successful and they will write success stories in different geographies. “

It cooperates with companies and institutions such as Digitopia, SabancıDX, Kibar Holding, A101, TAYSAD, TÜSİAD and TÜBİTAK. With its next-generation management consulting approaches, the platform helps its clients embrace digital transformation by all employees in the company, accelerate transformation and achieve success. Digitope, “Digital Maturity Index Platform” Thank you for contributing to the transformation of many companies in Turkey. The company, in addition to Turkey, England, operates in Europe and the Middle East.

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