DEVA Party: ‘Power must stop punishing municipalities where it lost power’

Mehmet Emin Ekmen, Head of Local Governments and Urbanization Policies of the DEVA Party, criticized the approval by the State Council of the approval by the Ministry of Commerce of the transfer of the authority to appoint mayors to the municipal branches of the city ​​Council. Saying, “This decision that prevents opposition municipalities from working is political, we reject it,” Ekmen emphasized that “he must renounce the policy of punishing municipalities where he lost political power.”

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Mehmet Emin Ekmen, Head of Local Governments and Urbanization Policies of the Deva Party, criticized the approval by the State Council of the “replacement of the representatives of the municipal legal entity in the companies to which the municipalities are affiliated” by of the Ministry of Commerce of the mayors and the transfer to the municipal council. Ekmen said: “This decision to restrict the powers of mayors is political. We reject this decision, which consists of an effort to prevent the opposing municipalities from functioning. The political power must renounce the policy of punishing the municipalities where it lost ”, he said.

Authorities are allowed for you, but is it forbidden to oppose?

Ekmen emphasized that the State Council approved the government’s political decision with the following statements:

“After the losses suffered in the metropolitan municipalities in the local elections, a decision that limits the competence of the mayors of the ruling party, which has begun studies to reconsider the authorities of the mayoralty and the municipal councils, to impose a time limit on the indebtedness of the municipalities, and assign some authorities, especially zoning, to the relevant ministries, has been approved by the State Council. “

Ekmen asked the government the following questions: “We are asking power. Do you prohibit your opponents when you lose the elections, the powers that you do not see harmed in using for years? If it did not have a majority in many municipalities, especially in the Metropolitan Municipal Assemblies of Ankara and Istanbul, would the ministry make this arrangement again and would the State Council approve it? When will these interventions that you make, breaking the adjustment of the scales of justice, end? “

‘The legality of this decision is questionable’

Stating that the legality of the decision in question is controversial, Ekmen added: “It is clear that this decision was taken by force in an effort to comply with the political will. This decision came after some changes of members in the corresponding board and clearly contradicts some decisions of the Supreme Court on the same subject. In the Metropolitan Municipality Law No. 5216, it is clearly established that the mayor will administer the institutions attached to the municipality, Article 18, which regulates the duties and powers of the mayors. “

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