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The world has changed rapidly and dramatically in the last year. Strategic design agency CAP takes various design approaches to keep up with this process of change and meet the challenges of the future. Create layouts that help define the way we communicate. Benjamin Hubert, one of LAYER’s creative directors, shares his views on using design to address the challenges of today and tomorrow at the SXSW 2021 session he attended. It highlights the importance of asking the right questions to discover and define the human mindsets and behaviors that will shape our future.

Benjamin Hubert, who is part of the team of a 25-person design agency, has been designing for more than 15 years. At LAYER based in London, all kinds of designs are made such as technological, digital, physical, interior, experience, strategy. For this reason, it is a very holistic design agency. Among the products designed by LAYER, there are also works that we have already reported. it’s found. Benjamin Hubert recounts what the design agency has been trying to do with the projects he has been working on over the years. Some of the designs we’ve created before are among these examples.

Custom wheelchair and adjustable passenger seat

The Move passenger seat designed for Airbus aircraft allows passengers to have a more comfortable experience on long flights. Smart yarns are used in the seats produced with highly innovative materials. Thanks to the application they have created exclusively for these seats, the digitally integrated sensors record the movements and pressure points of the seated person, allowing the seats to be modeled accordingly.


The wheelchair called GO, which is produced as a solution to the difficulties faced by those who have to spend their lives in a wheelchair, can be individually adjusted. The main objective of the project is to identify and alleviate different pressure points in the body of people sitting in wheelchairs, which consist of constantly remaining seated over time. LAYER is developing a system for this. Body maps of people from different parts of the world are created by 3D scanning and custom seats are created. Thanks to the data they have received in this project, where they have been working with Nike for some time, they create custom seats with 3D printing. We have already written in the details of the project. of our news you can reach.

Sleek design is as important as its function

The third project is Balance, a speaker for Bang & Olufsen that could be described as elegant and luxurious, but at the same time focused on how everyday technology can be humanized. This speaker, which looks like a piece of furniture made with very elegant and natural materials, is a product that everyone will want to display in their home with pride.

The last project was once again in detail. we wrote a motorcycle. This scooter called Pal can record the route that its user travels, thanks to machine learning. On the next trip, you can reach the same route without intervention. The product is also beautiful in terms of design that people can take with them everywhere. Stating that they want to design a smart scooter that shapes the future with the growing trend of scooters in the world in recent years, Benjamin Hubert says that they started from the idea of ​​not a smart scooter.

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Picture: CAP

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