Density structuring in tax offices

Those taxpayers whose debts are structured under the Tax Restructuring Law and Some Other Accounts Receivable will pay their first installments no later than Monday, March 1. Tax offices will remain open today and tomorrow to avoid the last day.

The last 2 days have been entered for the first payment of the structuring of tax debts including income tax, corporation tax, VAT, MTV, SCT, all administrative fines, KYK debts, accounts receivable from the Treasury.

Citizens whose debt has been structured must make their first installment or cash payment no later than Monday, March 1.

In the area of ​​negotiations between the Interior and the Ministry of Finance and Finance; On Monday, March 1, a circular was sent to 81 provincial governments to avoid the intensity of the tax offices.

As the deadline for the payment of the tax debt is March 1, the special tax offices will be open at the end of this week.

Within the scope of the circular, citizens who want to pay and restructure their tax debts will be exempt from the curfew, as long as they have with them the documents that contain information on the debt and are limited to the route.


Those who want to pay their tax debts and those who leave the restructuring process until the last day have become intense.

Muhtesım Beyaz said that he came to the tax office early in the morning to pay his debt in Kocaeli and said: “I could not collect it yesterday and it was very crowded. The numbers were given before, I came and had to leave again before I could pay. They said from the tax office that it will also be open on weekends. I arrived early in the morning. I had structured my debt. I also did not find any problems on the way. There is a crowd here too and I try to keep my distance. I think it would be better if people followed a little more social distance. “It is normal that there are so many people and people, including me, leave their jobs for the last day.”


Claiming that he arrived early in the morning because they couldn’t pay with internet banking, Adem Er said: “I saw it was open on the weekend and I wanted to come pay. But I couldn’t imagine it would be so crowded.” he said.

Can Şimşek stated that yesterday he came to pay his debt but was unable to train him and said: “I came to pay my tax debt and traffic fine. Actually I came in yesterday and they said it would be open on the weekend. I got there yesterday, I couldn’t get it to the tax office and there was a crowd one and a half times bigger than this crowd. Currently, the queues are added every minute. Maybe my work will be finished by noon, “he said.

This morning there was a long queue in front of the Antalya Revenue Office, located in the Muratpaşa district of Antalya. Citizens who came to the financial office in the early hours of the morning waited for the doors to open until 10:00.

Citizens stated that they did not experience any problems with the restriction on the way to the tax office.

blankMehmet Semiz said that his tax remained until today because he was out of town, and said he was concerned that this line would increase in the next few hours.

Syrians working Recycling The more I worked as a journalist stating that Elhalaf collector in Turkey for 5 years, “our business has decreased due to a virus. I just got the debt back. We had no health problems. But we have been victims of jobs. Both the Turks and we had problems. We are pleased with Turkey, ”he said.

Adil Özboz said he is a merchant and is exempt from the curfew. “We, as a country, are experiencing difficulties together with the world due to the virus. I hope we get rid of this disease as soon as possible. Our only wish is that everything is beautiful. I think our state is doing its best. They have made such an application so that citizens are not victims. I think they did well. Because on Monday there would be a crowd. I also arrived at 08:00. We expect the Revenue Office to open at 10:00. Good luck, “he said.

Emphasizing that she lives near the Revenue Office, Raziye Alcan said, “My husband and I are retired but we are not growing yet. Things suck. Living conditions are difficult, ”he said.

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