DenizBank secured a securitization loan of $ 435 million

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DenizBank CEO Hakan Ateş

DenizBankAs a result of your efforts to provide profitable and long-term outsourcing, most of it will be used in sustainable and environmentally friendly projects. $ 435 million securitization loan An online press conference on recruitment was held.

Event, Vittorio di Bello, President of the European and Central Asian Financial Institutions Group of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Vice President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Jürgen Rigterink, Lawrence Fletcher, Head of Structured Finance and Global Finance, Credit Suisse, and Hitesh Asarpota, Head of Capital Markets and Syndication, Emirates NBD CapitalIn addition, many members of the press attended.

Hakan Ateş, CEO of DenizBankIn his speech at the event, he said that they are proud to continue bringing long-term and profitable resources from abroad in this period in which it is of great importance to provide fresh resources to the national economy.


Stating that the total amount of financing they have received since the end of 2019 has exceeded $ 3.5 billion, Ateş said: “This is a really important figure for our country. Our financing strategy can be summed up in extending the term and providing products and investors diversity.

Ateş recalled that they signed the largest new financing provided by a Turkish bank that year with a demand of 1.1 billion dollars raised from international markets in December 2019 and said:

“We recently renewed a significant part of this resource with 115 percent. In addition, we have supported municipalities and small businesses, fields of agriculture and energy efficiency through agreements with investment and development banks of up to $ 250 million in terms of up to 6 years. Now, it’s our first since 2014. We continue to contribute heavily to our economy with the $ 435 million securitization transaction that we conducted once. We hope that this transaction will pave the way for the external remittance-based securitization market. it flows in a certain sense and the continuation of these will come.


Hakan Ateş pointed out that the resource provided in dollars and euros with maturities up to 7 years, mainly 5 years, is of great importance with the diversity and cost of investors, and said that the average price of the transaction is 3.28 percent libor.

Noting that the securitization process was received with great interest by US, European and Asian investors, Ateş stated that its investors include international investment and development banks, institutional investors and commercial banks.


Ateş stated that Credit Suisse assumed the role of lead bank in structuring the transaction under the coordination of Credit Suisse and Emirates NBD Capital, with a total of 13 investors participating in the transaction.

Stating that the majority of the loan was provided by the IFC with $ 150 million and the EBRD with $ 100 million, Ateş continued as follows:

“With these resources we seek to support investments in environmental and social development within the scope of our sustainability policy. And as you know, sustainable development is the indispensable objective and the reality of our country. In this context, most of the credit is to green projects in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energies, women entrepreneurs with limited access to financing and we will make it available to our small farmers.

We have a very strong long-standing cooperation with the EBRD. Completing the first transaction with DenizBank in Turkey in 2009, and agricultural loans in addition to receiving the world’s first DenizBank, our current securitization transaction also supported $ 100 million. I would also like to specify that the changes with the EBRD since 2019 together with the first syndicated transaction in Turkey, the participating banks have signed new agreements for $ 330 million. “

Specifying that the 150 million dollars contributed by the IFC in the framework of this securitization will go to the agricultural sector, to which DenizBank attaches strategic importance, Ateş added that the funds they received from the EBRD in this transaction were also contributed by the ” TURSEFF 3-Sustainable Energy Financing Program “and” TurWİB – Women Entrepreneurs Program “. They reported that they will use it for two different purposes.

Hakan Ateş also, in addition to the Hedged Asset, the shares of a group strong in the securitization program such as Enbder Securities and Medium Term Bond Issue (MTN) also through the Program will continue to provide new long-term supply to Turkey, he added.


EBRD Vice President Rigterink In his speech at the meeting, he stated that they were pleased to contribute to such a securitization process, saying: “This is a historic transaction in many respects. First, it is DenizBank’s return to the Emirates NBD shareholder securitization program. Second, EBRD women entrepreneurs and small businesses can be renewed. It enables them to provide new financing for green investments in areas such as energy, resource efficiency, waste reduction and water conservation. Finally, the EBRD and DenizBank, which are joined forces with the EU, the Ministry of Finance and Finance and the Credit Guarantee Fund, they have the opportunity to have a greater impact with this resource. “catch” the expressions used.

Noting that the Turkish lira is the best performing currency compared to the currencies of developing countries in the recent period, Rigterink said: “This is partly due to the fact that investors have predicted this and this is a great Indicator of Confidence in the Turkish Economy “.


Bello, President of the Financial Institutions Group, IFC Europe and Central Asia Stating that he is pleased to provide financing to DenizBank, he said:

“We provide financing, especially in these difficult times, small and medium enterprises engaged in agriculture in Turkey to support businesses, we are pleased to contribute to the growth of the continuity of secondary work while on the other hand the economy of the country. With DenizBank our unit, I think we can strengthen this vision. In addition, Turkey in financing We will continue working to bring business areas that have access difficulties with the resources they need.

Fletcher, Director of Global Finance and Structured Financial Products, Credit Suisse “As Credit Suisse, we are pleased to support DenizBank in coordinating and structuring such critical financing. The transaction in question is an important indicator of investor confidence in DenizBank, its top management and the support of its shareholder Emirates NBD.” .

Emirates NBD Capital Capital and Syndication Markets Managing Director Hitesh Asarpota said they were delighted to participate in this process in the coordinator position, “Foreign remittance flows are based on securitization transactions to provide long-term outsourcing for banks in Turkey, we know there is always a valuable instrument. provides the group. DenizBank’s extremely comprehensive investor report The $ 435 million resource is an important indicator of the Bank’s strong management and strong support from institutional investors, “he said.

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