Dell protects nature with technology and recycling

With many environmental effects of the home stay period, affecting the whole world, Dell TechnologiesWith the Ecording social initiative, which they support in collaboration with Intel, with the help of technology, social isolation and people are supported #HomeStayForest will throw a seed ball for each post made with the tag.

Developed ecoDrone The named unmanned aerial vehicle is a fast and technological alternative to afforestation. A warehouse in your body and seed ball The ecoDrones, which have a trigger, stay in the air for 15 minutes on each flight and can fire 2,500 seed balls in an area of 2 hectares with the prescribed frequency and time, they can fire air seed cannons in areas of difficult access.

The project will continue with the planting of the HomeKal forest with QR code labels that will be on the packaging of all Dell products that will be on sale in the coming days. People who buy products with the Kal Home forest label will be able to participate in the campaign by reading these codes.

Download the NTV application, stay informed


By 2030, Dell Technologies will recycle each product to match the product purchased by its customer. All recycled packages or renewable It will be made of material. More than half of its products will be made from recycled or renewable materials.

While Dell Technologies works to find solutions to many environmental problems around the world in accordance with the 2030 goals, it also tries to minimize the environmental impact of its products and services.

To do this, it continues to launch its products that everyone can trust in terms of sustainability as well as design and performance. The new design that uses plastics derived from wood waste Latitude 5000 Y Accuracy 3560 a step forward in sustainability.

Twenty-one percent of these devices, prepared by Dell Technologies, use a paper by-product to support Dell’s “2030 targets” of making more than half of its products from recycled or renewable materials by 2030. bioplastic There are covers with content.

Dell on Latitude 5000 Series recycling Y renewable equivalent to CO2 reduction equivalent to CO2 emissions from driving around 40 million km with all supplies, that is, going around the world more than 971 times, enough energy4 to power 5,564 homes for a year and enough savings of water to fill 226 Olympic pools provides use.

All new commercial computers and monitors are ENERGY STAR certified and EPEAT Gold and Silver registered, helping to reduce energy use.


Thanks to Dell’s longstanding internal security approach, all systems are equipped with an intelligent and automated security system to deliver the most secure business computer in the industry.

In addition to Dell Technologies security features that began at the factory stage, supply chain security, and built-in controls, the products also have built-in protection designed to prevent, detect, and react to malicious attacks across the operating system .

The first camera auto power off feature SafeShutter By offering advanced security applications such as the Latitude 9420 and 9520, this feature allows your computer to work in sync with video chat applications and recognize when the camera will automatically turn on or off.

In this way, you provide a safe and comfortable work area wherever you are. Plus, keep privacy under control with a secure microphone and mute keys.


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