Decision month for millions of employees

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In the brief study, whose scope was expanded with the outbreak of the Corona virus, as of January there were 1 million 313 thousand 537 people. It has been announced that the facilitation arrangements for the short study, which has been in place for a full year, will be completed by the end of March. However, the postponement of this date is now the common agenda of the world of work.

According to the news from Hürriyet, Türk-İş on behalf of the workers and TİSK on behalf of the employers met with the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk during the week. At this meeting, as a consensus of the two parties, the extension of the short work practice was requested and the simultaneous abolition of the prohibition of short work, unpaid leave and dismissal.

There are also statements from the business world that if short work is not expanded, employment will be negatively affected and companies in the service sector are not yet ready for it.


A different timetable is being worked on for the prohibition of dismissal and unpaid leave. Both regulations end on March 17. The general trend, however, is that these two regulations will run until mid-April or mid-May.

It is stated that a two-month extension is more likely. According to data from January, 883 thousand people are on unpaid leave. Cash wage assistance is paid to these individuals from the Unemployment Insurance Fund. The payment amount is 420 thousand TL.

It is claimed that some companies may switch their employees to unpaid leave if only short-term work, unpaid leave is completed and the ban on dismissal continues.

Companies that have completed short work internships and unpaid leave are also supported for standardization. This applies as premium support. Regularized employers receive support of up to TL 44.72 per employee per day and TL 341.56 per month. However, according to the law, support payments can be awarded until the end of June at the latest.

In the lobby, it is emphasized that measures can be taken to protect employment and extend the period of support for normalization.


When determining the minimum wage for 2021, it was announced that all minimum wage employees would receive a support of TL 70 per month throughout the year. A legal arrangement must be made to provide this support. However, this arrangement has not been made until today. This legal change must also take place at the end of March. Currently, it is estimated that around 7 million minimum wage workers in Turkey.


The Unemployment Fund, consisting of the employee, employer premiums, and public support savings, is used for all support provided. As of February 9, the savings in the Unemployment Fund decreased to less than TL 100 billion and the fund’s assets reached TL 97.6 billion.

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