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Negotiations started at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey sightseeing The regulation of foreign workers in the law caused controversy. By disposition of deputies, in the local foreign employee Stating that the border will be lifted, Tahir Akyürek, chairman of the Public Works, Reconstruction and Transportation and Tourism Commission, said: “(The border) is currently 10 percent, increasing to 20 percent.”


According to the news of Do Boyacıoğlu de Hürriyet, tourism promotion LiveThe eighth article of the bill, which brought changes to the country, includes foreign personnel in companies with a tourist activity license.

In the current law, “in certified companies, expert personnel and foreign craftsmen can be hired with the permission granted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, taking into account the opinion of the Ministry and the Ministry of the Interior. However, the amount of the personnel employed in this way does not exceed 10 percent of the total personnel. It can be increased up to 20 percent by the ministry. These personnel can begin to work 3 months before the start of the operation. ”

In the proposal that appears on the agenda, this regulation restricts this regulation with the statement that “foreign personnel can be employed in companies with a tourist management certificate, with the permission granted by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services” .


This arrangement generated controversy in the meetings held this Thursday at the Public Works, Development, Transportation and Tourism Commission.

CHP Istanbul MP ​​Gökhan Zeybek, “There are more than 10 million unemployed people in Turkey, this was not enough to lift the control of everything, all the restrictions on the number of foreign workers in the resort like, you can do it for free “, He said. CHP Aydın MP Hüseyin Yıldız, “You put you are an agent, foreign border You eliminate when you are at 10 percent. Do you know what this means? I bring employees from Kazakhstan for 300 dollars from Syria, I employ them here in hotels,” he said.

The first signatory to the proposal, AK Antalya Party MP Atay Uslu, regarding foreign employees, said: “The employment of foreign personnel is done in accordance with the law of the Ministry of Labor. This is what we have done. There is 20 percent, Requirement 1 fifth, the same condition continues.There is nothing we do here, he said.

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