Debate ‘A slice of cake is 20 lira’

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Due to pandemic conditions, rising costs, stockists and opportunists, products whose prices have recently increased; come eggs, sunflower oil, butter and dairy products.

The price of sunflower oil per liter has almost doubled in the recent period.

The rise in egg prices is close to 50 percent. Also noteworthy is the rise in prices of milk and dairy products.

Almost all of these products are used in making cakes. As such, rising cake prices are inevitable.

This topic was on the agenda of social networks today. “A slice of cake costs 20 lira” A large number of users participated in the discussion titled, comments rained down.

So what do industry representatives think about the issue? Does the price reflect the truth? He received an opinion from the authorities.


According to the President of the Turkish Restaurant and Pastry Federation, Aykut Yenice, the price of £ 20 per slice of cake is not an acceptable figure.

Saying that there has been an increase in products like sunflower oil and eggs used in cake making recently, Yenice said: “ In the condition we are in, there is no price for a slice of cake for 20 lira, if there is, this price is completely outrageous. This is not an acceptable figure either. ”


The Secretary General of the Istanbul Pastry Chamber, Sefa Özkan, on the other hand, said that the prices of bakers increased due to price increases of raw material products and this situation was reflected in the prices of cakes.

“Whether a slice of cake is 20 lira depends on the location in Istanbul,” Özkan said, “The numbers are different in Beşiktaş or Şişli. The rents are high, the costs are high, so sadly, these prices are normal. ”


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