Data from 533 million Facebook users at stake

The personal information and phone numbers of 533 million Facebook users were posted on a forum with low-level hackers. This type of data is generally sold on the dark web for a fee. However, it was striking that the data was posted for free on the forum.

In this context From 106 different countries Facebook user data has been accessed. 32 million of the data belongs to users in the US, 11 million to users in the UK, and 6 million to users in India.

The hackers captured the first name, last name, location, date of birth, bio, and email addresses of users, as well as Facebook IDs. Let’s add that some data does not include an email address.

Hackers may be thinking of using your information to cover their tracks in dangerous transactions. Or users could become targets for identity fraud.

This massive data breach was first spotted by Hundson Rock CTO Alon Gal in January. On the hacker forum where the data was posted at the time, one person mentioned the automation bot that can steal the information of hundreds of millions of Facebook users for a certain price.

Meanwhile, it is claimed that the data in question belonged to a few years ago. Because Facebook’s To your statement to Motherboard According to the data provided by the bot, it is related to a deficit that closed in 2019.

How does the bot work?

It should be noted that such bots are promoted through some groups on Telegram. The bot that steals this data is designed to capture the phone numbers of Facebook users. By entering a user’s Facebook ID in the bot, you can access their phone number. It is also possible to do the opposite if you wish.

Some of the data obtained by the bot is secretly displayed. If you buy credit paying for the boat, you can see the full phone number. While a single loan starts at $ 20, prices can go up to $ 5,000 for 10,000 loans.

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