Damaged glass objects as they are shipped What does it really say? Bigumigu

Los Angeles-based artist and writer Walead Beshty, since 2007 From FedEx creatively uses its infrastructure to produce works of art. He makes glassware that fits perfectly in FedEx shipping boxes and ships them to galleries and museums without any protection against damage. Any cracks or crevices in the glass object become part of the work on display at the destination.

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For Walead Beshty this project One of the coolest things is the proprietary dimensions of the FedEx boxes. FedEx boxes with the SSCC code (Serial Shipping Container Code) are registered, so other shippers cannot register a box of the same size. In other words, not only the design, but also the size of an official FedEx box is recorded and recorded as an exclusive property of FedEx as volume of space. Knowing this, the artist started this project. It made sense for him to stick to this particular volume. Because it has a real and pre-existing importance in daily life as a modular; he thought it was common, specific and familiar. This size, according to Beshty, has an iconic effect that a more arbitrary shape could not have.

What makes Walead Beshty’s project more valuable is, of course, the context. When the subtext is analyzed, one feels a special admiration for these works. Every time a work is sent from one gallery to another; It is being changed over and over again by the system set up by a giant multinational company (FedEx). Here we note that the artist reflects the effect of both the art market and the capitalist system on art in general. We are witnessing the use of “ready-made system” in this project instead of using “ready-made objects”, which is used frequently in the history of conceptual art under Duchamp’s leadership. An object is repositioned to reveal an existing system in all respects. In doing so, it makes it possible to re-question many things about the highly sponsored art market with galleries and their motive for owning art. When a work is legitimately accepted by the system and the dominant market forces change hands, this can increase its monetary value. Is something missing at work at that time?

Walead Beshty stresses that glassware does not have a different delivery process than other FedEx packages. The artist is shipped without any protection against damage. Meanwhile, “even though this would be broken glassware in Turkey”, I feel like I hear your jokes. What shall we say, that as a separate problem to be solved by the shipping company in Turkey in …


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