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SXSW is one of the few organizations where new technologies can be introduced. Organized as part of the SXSW Online digital experience and showcasing some of the most innovative technologies in the global business ecosystem, SXSW Pitch features 40 different initiatives in 8 different categories this year. In the sessions held between March 17 and 18, participants have the opportunity to listen in detail to these initiatives while making their presentations to the members of the jury to reach the award in the categories of companies that reached the final. One such initiative is the UK-based initiative that earned its name among the finalists in the Social and Cultural category. Nourished.

3D printing technology is actively used in the food industry, as well as other fields. 3D food printer we already wrote FoodiniCreated with 3D printing molds cakes and 3D printed sushi that is personalized based on customer health data Uniqueness of sushi takes its place among these examples. Like Sushi Singularity, Nourished is one of the leading initiatives in this field with its personalized and vegan nutritional supplement.

Determine the values ​​and create your own special vitamin

Nourished, which brings the custom product option, which is a trend in all fields, to the field of vitamins, actually arises out of a need. Although each body needs various vitamins in different proportions and concentrations, we all consume supplements with the same ingredients. However, although the shelf life of vitamins is long, the values ​​of the tablets written on the package from the moment they are produced decrease over time.

Nourished, with its custom 3D printed vitamins, provides a solution to this freshness problem and allows the person to take different ingredients together in the correct ratio. Nourished, applying the 3D printing method and proprietary encapsulation formula, you can combine 7 active ingredients from 28 different options. Users can combine ingredients in different combinations according to their own values ​​and create a capsule just for them. Nurtured users Website They can complete the prepared questionnaire to make the selection that suits their goals and determine what kind of combination they want.

Nourished reveals its proprietary 3D printing technology at the end of an 18-month study. The initiative founded by Melissa Snover is 100% vegan and takes care not to pollute the environment in its packaging system. The products are offered in completely plastic-free packages.

Picture: Nourished

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