Cryptocurrency knowledge and ownership rates with 4 charts

Webrazzi Insights published its Cryptocurrency Awareness and Ownership report this week. You can find all the details of the Insights research here, and we share some of the highlights with you.

It is seen that 6 out of 10 people participating in the research transact with cryptocurrencies. When all the faults are examined; We see that approximately 90 percent of the participants own cryptocurrencies. One of the most striking aspects of the study is that 87.5 percent of people who don’t know much about it say they have crypto money.

When we look at the cryptocurrencies being processed, Bitcoin is the leader at 71 percent. Ethereum follows Bitcoin at 60 percent and XRP at 46 percent. While Bitcoin transactions of those with information on the subject are 74.5 percent, this rate is considered 69 percent for partially informed people.


Binance stands out as the most widely used crypto currency exchange with 61.1 percent of participants. BTCTürk is in second place with 51.5 percent, while Paribu is in third place with 32.3 percent.

Although Coinbase, which is widely used abroad, ranks fourth at 8.2 percent, the difference shows that users do not prefer Coinbase.


Cryptocurrencies can be used as an alternative payment method

More than half of the respondents are willing to use cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment method. Those who have information on the subject announced that they can use it as an alternative payment method at the 68.5 percent level. For those who have partial knowledge, this metric; at the 52.3 percent level.


The report includes many important topics, such as the reasons to buy cryptocurrencies, the amount invested in cryptocurrencies, non-crypto investments, and the intention to sell cryptocurrencies in the coming year. You can find the rest of the report here.

Demography and Methodology


Webrazzi Insights, which does an in-depth review of cryptocurrencies, has heard of cryptocurrencies, with different levels of knowledge; conducted research using the CAWI method with 309 people, whether they currently have crypto money or not.

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