COVIDIEN: see Bozcaada understand Turkey

Writing a success story and doing the right thing during the pandemic process, Bozcaada handled the process with 16 cases as of March 29, 2021. Between March 29 and April 10, 62 new cases caused panic on the island. It means 4 times the total number of cases in the last year. This happened when Üsteli Bozcaada was not living in summer conditions and was partially isolated.

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Bozcada is one of our two islands, along with Gökçeada, which is located in the Aegean region of Çanakkale. Turkey is not the only district of the town either. The settlement is in a single bay. Although the summer population is 15,000, the local population is 2,000 in winter. In recent years, the number of people who bought a house in the center of Çanakkale and stayed in the center of Çanakkale in winter has not been underestimated. Briefly, a handful of people. There is no apartment life, people’s contact is more limited than city life.

Bozcaada became one of the districts that best managed the pandemic process until the end of March 2021. The locals and those who come to the island are conscientious people. The number of patients with the Covid-19 virus detected on the island until March 29, 2021 was 16 in total. Most of them were owners of summer houses from Istanbul. April has turned into a nightmare month for the island. The public is in panic. How could I not be!

What happened in April 2021?

What happened at the end of March 2021. In winter conditions, the number of people coming to the island from abroad is almost negligible. The number of hotels open in winter does not exceed the fingers of one hand. Despite this, the number of COVID detected in the last two weeks reached 74 as of April 11. That is, 58 out of 74 cases belong to the last two weeks. There is a lot of criticism of those who went to Ankara for the widespread AKP Congress and had positive cases among themselves. Although accusations are not made explicitly because they all know each other and are related directly or indirectly, the criticism of those who attend Congress is quite high. Whatever happens with those who went to Ankara or from abroad, 4 times the case in the last year happened in the last 2 weeks. A similar rate in Turkey thinks even a nightmare. Boat trips to the island stopped; Until the voluntary isolation, the mayor, who is a doctor, and the young district governor are doing their best. The only consolation is that there is no loss of life. We will follow and write about the developments and actions to be taken in the hope that results will be achieved in no time.

The expectation of the public is; Taking control and readjusting the number of cases before the tourist season opens. Sitting on the cordon; Drink coffee from fatigue in Salhane; The sunset in Polente; Enjoying the sea at the Aquarium and Ayazma, asking for table to table under the bells; Hoping that the feeling of fresh wind under the plane will come as soon as possible.

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