Covid-19 effect: sales in the luggage and bags industry fell by half

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The luggage and bag businesses, whose sales have increased with the beginning of the academic year and the Christmas season of previous years, are going through a difficult economic time. Fatih Ağır, who sells suitcases and bags in Eskişehir Odunpazarı, spoke about the difficulties they faced.

Stating that his business came to a halt with the onset of the pandemic, Ağır said: “People in general do not spend anything other than mandatory necessities. Their purchasing power has fallen completely.”

The period in which we worked the most was the school season. When the schools were closed, we were unable to make the sales we expected in bags and luggage products. With the pandemic, our sales rates were cut in half. “We are just looking to save the day right now,” he said.


Fatih Ağır stated that the closure of the Christmas season in addition to schools and universities negatively affects their sales, and stated that only those who go to their places of origin buy luggage on a compulsory basis and therefore cannot upload the products because there is no sale. .

Speaking on the matter, owner Ağır says: “Since the holiday season has not started, only those who have to travel abroad and those who go to their homeland carry luggage. After the latest standardization decision, there has been a slight increase in luggage sales. Of course, it did not meet our expectations. Due to the pandemic, no raw materials come from abroad.

Therefore, manufacturers have to produce with more expensive materials. This situation naturally affects our purchase prices. Despite the increase in arrival prices for luggage and bags, we did not make any price increases, but on the contrary, we made discounts. But we still can’t reach the sales we want. I hope that we get rid of the pandemic as soon as possible and that everyone can breathe comfortably. “If the pandemic looks good, I think all sectors will be relieved, including ours.”

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