Covid-19 Diary: The Third Wave Began, But Why Is There No Vaccine Again?

It is a gift for all our healthcare professionals. Remembering that we cannot live without them, we ask these true heroes for the utmost respect, understanding and support from all of society.

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Although the number of cases exceeded 15 thousand on Saturday night, 65 of our brothers were victims of Covid-19. Turkey is undoubtedly the beginning of the third wave. If Erdogan stubbornly continues with “controlled normalization”, the number of cases will reach levels that the health system cannot handle. There are all mutant variants in Turkey, but the weight is not accurately predicted. First, complete closure for 2-4 weeks, then a very rapid and widespread vaccination campaign can be a solution to the epidemic. But there is no vaccine. We learn about the reasons from the author of Habertürk, Muharrem Sarıkaya:

TTB Covid-19 Monitoring Board Member Assoc. Dr. Elbek: Turkey, the first year in direct and indirect pandemic with death closes 100 thousand deaths

What is accepted throughout the world in the event of a pandemic is the establishment of a relationship of trust between citizens and the State. Our Scientific Committee made statements such as ‘we can do 1 million vaccines a day, we can provide social immunity until March’. As of today, we are producing an average of 190,000 vaccines per day, much less 1 million. These make society feel like ‘they are telling me empty words, they are telling me stories’.

Second, we have experienced many injustices, inequalities and injustices. Merchants said: ‘Why is there a problem with my restaurant when congresses are packed? Why don’t you eat at the restaurant when the people who go skiing eat at the hotel? He says. This society saw that people are equal, but some are more equal. This inequality and injustice led him to the point of ‘then I don’t apply it either, let it break from where you think’. Ciudadano unmasked himself, walked, gave such a reaction to his own worthlessness, which was one of the reasons that led to the increase in the epidemic.… (Source here)

Assoc. Dr. Altındiş: We are on the shore of the third peak; If you have not been vaccinated, be very careful especially during these 1-2 months.

Altındiş’s statements are as follows:

“We are once again at a dangerous point in the pandemic. I will try to explain it briefly in this series of tweets. As you will remember the gardi summit in Turkey in November to 40 thousand cases. We are currently on the brink of a third peak!

As of March 12, we return to the level of cases found on January 1. For 2.5 months, all restrictions, weekend bans and the ban on people over 65 and under 20 have been spent in this way and gone. With congresses, variants and the opening of March 1, the worst is on its way.

The total so far in Turkey was ~ 10 million ~ 1.3 million people, and only the vaccine, but (the vast majority of healthcare workers) had two doses of vaccine. Everyone except those 1.3 million is a clear target of the virus. Unfortunately, we entered the third summit unprotected …

According to this explanation, the vaccine has prevented the deaths applied in Turkey, diseases and hospital admissions also decreased, but the problem is the slowness of vaccination. Second doses should be completed quickly. Also, let’s not forget that the vaccine began to protect approximately 14 days after the second dose.

We are on the brink of a much more difficult period compared to last March. The virus has spread across the country, the UK variant, which has been shown to be more deadly (~ 2x) and spreading faster, was seen in 45,000 people. So according to what is this normalization done?

As I tried to explain below, the data shared last week is questionable. as statistically, in the nature of a pandemic, the number of cases and deaths so predictably increases and decreases are three countries of the world that I see: Iran, Turkey and Russia!

This shadow, possibly low, even with the number of cases found in Turkey in the top 10 countries in the world most days, 7 countries was a condition. In the pandemic with the highest total number of cases, the ninth country will rapidly increase normalization cases and deaths while in this state.

Turkey society for months scientifically pandemic stop the beneficial thing is that we can not understand the weekend bans 65+ bans were imposed, while the 4-week state lockdown with financial support was made in the case were abolished very comfortable. What did you do?

Those who have locked up citizens over 65 and under 20 for a year, destroyed traders with their lousy handling of the pandemic, the cases escalated, what did they do as the variants spread? Conventions, funerals, fun …

Another point I want to draw attention to here) which generally means less test case tests in Turkey and b) cases described in the city, not shared by the many tests carried out and the positive rate. A province may be blue, but this may be due to little testing. (source here)

Muharrem Sarıkaya: Where are the vaccines?

It is said that everything is ready, so there is no problem in the purchase, storage, dispatch, customs, even in the medical jug that will allow more to arrive at a time, much less the bottling …

So why don’t you come?

Under the agreement, the reasons for the obstruction and how is Turkey going to step against it?

There is no answer to this question at this time, because it is a government decision.

However, there is also the expectation that the problem will be overcome this month and that it will reach 50 million doses. (source here)

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