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In recent years, we have frequently come across unusual washing machines that are small in size, wash without detergent, and save water. Washing without detergent Evacuate and a portable device that provides deep hygiene thanks to ultrasonic sound waves Sonic soak It was one of the most memorable examples. NOTHING It is striking for its compact design that allows you to wash small amounts of clothes without waiting.

Countertop washer that saves water and space: NIX

Small items like underwear, socks, masks, or a small amount of clothing like a single T-shirt always leave you in a quandary. If you need to use it urgently, you want to wash it right away, but avoid wasting electricity and water by running the machine for so many clothes. As a result, such clothes may need to be kept in the dirty basket for a long time. However, when a sufficient amount of laundry accumulates, we choose the way to operate the machine. Getting this type of laundry out of the machine is another problem. One of the socks can be lost or caught in other clothing, causing a long search. EZVALO The NIX decoder machine, developed by NIX, was created precisely to address these problems.

NIX is washed with little water during washing, then dried and sterilized. While this mini machine promises to save water, it also offers ease of use in terms of design. It has a tilted drum that makes it easy for users to load, unload, and check their eyes. More importantly, NIX, thanks to its integrated water tank, is a device that you can use wherever you want without requiring water installation. The digital display on the top of the main door of the NIX allows users to select a wash program. With these aspects, the countertop dishwasher that does not require installation is familiar to those who follow CES. TetraIt reminds me of.


Selected for the iF Design Award 2021, NIX saves space and water for the user. Also, you can use this machine if you urgently need to wash to avoid staining when something is spilled on you.


Visual: EZVALO

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