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Many bike enthusiasts also have a camper spirit who like to spend time in nature. That’s why bike trailer caravan, boat-bike caravan, bike tree house, electric bike caravan We often find interesting solutions like New in this caravan Circle On the other hand, it aims to offer campers a more comfortable experience with a convertible bike.

Adding comfort to road adventures with Cercle

Designed by Bernhard Sobotta Circle, a design based on minimalism that can be transformed into more than just a bicycle. The origin of the design concept is to give the comfortable feeling of being at home wherever you ride. . In the summer of 2019, Bernhard began to ponder how he could combine a hammock with a bicycle frame. The more I thought, the more the design idea evolved into ideas beyond that. Finally, he took the first steps to bring Cercle to life by combining a folding aluminum seat frame with a bicycle frame.

Cercle staff can be used for all kinds of needs, such as sitting, cooking, working, resting and even sleeping. The kind of design that will steal the hearts of 21st century nomadic madmen who leave no carbon footprint. If you look closely, you can see that they have coffee tables and armchairs. Also, the seat can easily turn into a bed when you recline it. Since the cane itself stands tall, it can function as a tent skeleton. In other words, you can easily cover your bed with a mosquito net or canopy. Thus, you can protect yourself from insect bites or weather conditions. There is plenty of luggage space at the front and back of the bike to store your things.

Let me add that Cercle is a concept design and has not yet been put into production. Bernhard designed this bike last year for his undergraduate thesis in product design.


Picture: Circle

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