Contemporary heroes in the Ukiyo-e universe

Ukiyo-e is not limited to the period in which it emerged. Including giant artists like Van Gogh for many creative people inspired. Today, contemporary artists and designers continue to feed on the ukiyo-e universe. Transforming popular internet memes into ukiyo-e style drawings Floating world memes It was one of the examples we recently included. Jed Henry is also an artist who makes a tremendous impact on Instagram with his contemporary ukiyo-e comments. Especially Ukiyo-e Heroes series draws attention. Some of his works from this series before We include. The artist continues to produce new works in this series.

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Jed Henry joined his passion for games and ukiyo-e in the series Ukiyo-e Heroes

Jed Henry, as a game enthusiast and fan of Japanese culture, combined these two interests in the Ukiyo-e Heroes series. According to Jed Henry, ukiyo-e was once a stage for Japanese print artists to depict monsters, villains, and heroes belonging to this culture. Different themes were covered in this scene, from satire to romance and drama. This creative style and tradition has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries and now manifests itself in the Japanese video game industry. Ukiyo-e Heroes features the game’s favorite characters and stories portrayed by Jed Henry in classic Ukiyo-e style.

To all the artist’s work internet store you can browse, Instagram You can follow their new jobs through.

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Visual: Instagram

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