Contemporary Accessories inspired by Chuvash

Contemporary artists create wonderful masks using textile art. For example, the Norwegian artist Magnhild Kennedy by Damselfrau, with masks that he designed using found fabrics and materials. So much so that these masks have become popular accessories for use at nightclubs. Damselfrau, which uses ribbons, beads, pompoms, sequins and lace, uses different elements in its masks, feeding on different cultures. Turkish-born artist Polina Osipova also designs contemporary embroidery and accessories, inspired by folklore and symbols of her local culture.

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Polina Osipova combines the symbols of the Chuvash culture with contemporary symbols

Polina, 22, describes her art as an attempt to remember my childhood and honor the Chuvash culture that I find fascinating. Meanwhile, let’s open a parenthesis, the people of Chuvashistan Chuvashistan, Chuvashia or the Republic of Chuvashia is a federated republic in the central part of Russia where the people of Chuvash, one of the Turkic peoples, live. Polina Osipova lives in Cheboksary, the capital of this republic.

One of the artist’s works appeared on Instagram a few days ago. The heart symbol seen in this work is again based on the Chuvash traditions. Underlining that the heart symbol is widely used in traditional embroidery; He claims that the symbol represents loyalty, unity, love, and the Chuvash people themselves.

According to Polina Osipova, being born into a traditional Chuvash family means being surrounded by handicrafts every day. Feeling lucky to be able to talk to his grandmother, the artist sees the tales, legends and superstitions they told him before sleeping as a source of inspiration. Generate contemporary ideas from these experiences. He is seen to use pearls and various gemstones, beads, sequins, flowers, lace, and fabrics frequently as materials.

Credit: Instagram

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