Competition Board examines: banana monopoly on WhatsApp

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The flavor of the local banana, which surpasses its imported rivals with its smell and taste, has overlooked claims of “monopoly.” Allegations that some wholesalers created WhatsApp groups and set daily prices entered the Competition Authority’s radar. On the other hand, questions about why retail prices do not follow a parallel course to these efforts, despite the fact that the state has recently supported investments in banana greenhouses and production has doubled in the last three years, seem to be answered. in light of these claims.

According to Duygu Erdogan’s report from the Milliyet newspaper, it is stated that the companies that are the subject of the complaint talk about both purchase prices and sales prices in the WhatAapp groups.


In the statements made by the Competition Authority, the investigation opened the day before came to the fore ‘banana wholesale trade companies’.

The most important national banana producing region of Turkey, Mersin, Bozyazi and Anamur, about the companies operating in the banana wholesale trade in 4054 if they act against the Competition Protection Law, will become clear in the next period. In the preliminary investigation of the Competition Board, it was stated that “the findings are serious and sufficient” to open an investigation to determine the violation.


We spoke to producers and unions on the Alanya / Gazipaşa / Manavgat and Bozyazı / Alamur lines. The complaints that the companies on which the investigation is investigated set the ‘price of the sickle on a weekly or even daily basis’ through groups that they have created through the WhatsApp application.

17 companies and 1 association, on which investigations have been initiated, are made up of brokers in the region and large qualified companies dedicated to ripening / packaging. Those who produce and sell bananas claim that these companies are controlled on charges of ‘manipulation’.

Article 4 of Law No. 4054, which will determine whether they violate, includes the control of the markets, the supply / demand balance, joint action with the objective of distorting and preventing competition, and the determination of purchase prices. and sale in this area.

According to the information obtained from banana producers in the region, there are even daily publications such as “Let’s buy today at this price”, not every week or in a certain period. For this reason, it is stated that both the prices created by the supply-demand balance have deteriorated and that producers are forced to sell at prices determined outside the market. Furthermore, small-scale banana traders are said to suffer from these market conditions.


Alanya Banana Producers Union (Muzbir) president Mustada Şenli said they heard that the companies of the two associations in the Bozyazı-Anamur region are creating prices between them. Şenli continued as follows:

“Buyers are creating this price. All producers are pushing the compliance point. A move toward getting products from the market without exceeding a certain price. They cannot share prices from the last two months because inspections have continued for a. time. Therefore, prices began to form according to market conditions. If not, they were watching. In Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, they added their own profit for the amount of bananas sold, set a price according to the farmer, and they were acting to establish a monopoly without buying goods from him. The price there affects even our Alanya. They are indexed to a certain profit margin. Consequently, they give a price. That is, the product they buy at a low price does not it is reflected in the consumer. “


2017: 369 thousand tons 2018: 499 thousand tons 2019: 548 thousand tons 2020: 728 thousand tons

Broker price: 5.8 – 6.5 lira in Anamur, 5.5 – 6.2 lira in Alanya


The price per kilo of banana varies between 10-12 lire in the markets. Local producing regions are sold green in Anamur and Alanya at prices between 5.5 and 6.20 lira. Data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), although they produced 369 thousand tons of bananas in 2017, this amount was 728 tons in 2020, almost double. While TÜİK’s estimate for 2020 was 680 thousand tons, the resulting production was done above estimates.


Our mother, the Bozyazı Chamber of Agriculture, Ahmet Şeref Gümüş, stated that there are more than 150-200 companies dealing with bananas and said: “The producer can buy and sell with any company.

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