COMMENT: Worrying about losing the season in tourism

According to information collected by our author Can İlker from various tourist press websites, the transformation of 68 provinces into the category of “high risk” provinces on the map showing the risk situation of 81 provinces by the Ministry of Health it has been received with concern. in the tourism sector. While Russia imposed flight bans on 13 cities, Iran closed its land borders. The foreign exchange bank debt of the tourism industry is $ 15 billion.

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Antalya, according to İlkeren news, president of the City Council Tourism Group, Recep Yavuz, “overcoming the imposition led by the vaccination passports of EU countries was already a difficult issue in itself, also the height of our number of cases in Turkey it will be an additional reason to disable “he said.

The color of 68 provinces was’ red ‘on the map, which shows the risk status of 81 provinces according to the Ministry of Health and classifies them into the categories of’ very high risk ‘,’ high risk ‘,’ risky ‘and’ less risky. ‘ The number of cases is steadily increasing in Antalya, which is among the high-risk provinces with orange color in mid-February. The number of cases, which was 143.88 per 100,000 people in the previous week, increased to 190.44 between March 27 and April 2.

The transformation of 68 provinces on the map to turn red in the category of very ‘high risk’ provinces was greeted with concern in the tourism sector. The president of the Antalya City Council Tourism Group and NBC Tourism General Director, Recep Yavuz, the increasing number of cases in recent days, only pointing out that they threaten people’s lives, “are also experiencing important news on the world agenda and the red map of Turkey are imprinted in memory. Our daily number of cases was 42,308 the day before. However, a month ago, on March 2, 2021, the number of our cases was 11,837 We are facing a terrifying outlook that increases almost four times in a month. “There were 2,786 cases on April 2 of last year,” he said.


Bunce closing, prevention measures despite a kind of track record against the epidemic can not be stopped, Yavuz pointed out that not all simply could not cut the front of the epidemic in the world and despite the measures for Turkey. Yavuz said: “Although 1 year has passed and all possible precautions have been taken, there is no country in the world that has achieved prosperity. “The only consolation for the next few days will be the slowdown of the epidemic with the improvement of the climate,” he said.


Explaining that Europe paved the way for Portugal and Mallorca and aimed to fill these regions first, Yavuz said Greece and Italy would come later. This sharp attitude that summer in the midst of waiting for the Yavuz proper relaxation transfer, “But nevertheless, to overcome the imposition of the passport vaccine led by the EU countries was already a difficult issue in itself, also the height of our number of cases in Turkey. It will be an additional reason to disqualify, “he said.


Since the start of the pandemic with the Safe Tourism Certificate and receiving the fastest and most effective measures, I have been implementing agents close to the prefix 300 in Turkey’s history, which has upset the advantage with competing countries in all the Yavuz eye-catching vacation units. found the following calls:

“If the color of the map has changed, all this effort will be wasted and why the number of cases will carry over to the end of the summer as much as possible with Turkey.” Now, the responsibility belongs to the citizens. Right or wrong, everyone has learned to protect, and you just need to pay attention to it. Because about one in 20 people among us is at risk of transmitting a virus. Tourism cannot afford a second year of crisis. If we do not want this year to be a nightmare second year and we care about the breath of tourism, we have to do our part.

The revenue target could be compromised

The Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism, Nadir Alpaslan, said: “We expect to receive a total of 34 million foreign visitors to our country in 2021, with an increase of 100 percent compared to the previous year.” saying.

of tourists coming to Turkey, in terms of health Alpaslan states that all the necessary measures so that they can make a safe vacation, “all foreign visitors, including our Russian visitors particularly well in this context, we have taken all our measures to entertain ourselves in a safe and comfortable way. With the opening of the tourist season in April, we hope that the dynamism in tourism begins and welcomes our guests. ” found the evaluation.

Underlining that they expect a significant increase in tourism compared to 2020, Alpaslan said: “Although we cannot reach the 2019 figures, we expect to receive 34 million foreign visitors to our country in 2021, with an increase of 100 percent compared to the last year. . We had tourism revenue of around $ 12.5 billion last year, and this year we expect it to rise to the $ 23 billion band, “he said.

However, in April, tourists will not be able to come, because while Russia bans flights, the number of cases has risen to 50 thousand.

Debts are too heavy in tourism

The president of the Bodrum Professional Hotel Managers Association (BOYD), Serdar Karcılıoğlu, and the general manager of Er Investment and Tourism, Ferzan Çelikkanat, guest of Bloomberg HT, stated that we are facing the loss of earnings from the tourism sector and said that the sector’s debt burden is $ 15 billion.

Çelikkanat summarized the financial status of the entire sector with the following words:

“Business is in bad shape, currency fluctuations are very exhausting for us. It was announced that 173 companies restructured their 35 billion TL debt. Before the financial crisis deepens, serious measures must be taken and the balance of interest-free financial debt postponed. “

Can Ilker

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