Colorful hand-painted Nike Air Force 1

The collaboration between streetwear brand Stüssy and Nike, with a surreal commercial about dreams. In addition to their clothing and footwear collections, the duo, once again joining forces, attracts attention with their new sustainable collection. The painting process is done by hand in the collection that includes the Nike Air Force 1 models.


Stüssy x Nike collection with 5 different colors representing 5 cities

Based in Los Angeles, focusing on natural yarns and fibers Lookout and wonderland The studio’s colored shoes welcome Nike lovers with an unexpected result. The limited-edition models are hand-painted with the studio’s natural dyes. Each of these unique color toned shoe pairs has its own shades and patterns. Lookout & Wonderland and Stüssy share how the painting process works and what the shoes look like on their social media accounts.

Stüssy’s world tour uses five colors to represent five cities: Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, London and Paris. As you can see from the posts on social media, the Nike Air Force 1 models are painted in these five different colors. Stüssy says the art community, which specializes in plant colors and threads, pays attention to every pair of shoes. Herbal paints are applied to the shoes after the process is complete that will help the fabric retain the paint.

The project looks like another Stüssy x Nike collection of the same model, presented in two different colors, fossil and black. The series of hand-painted shoes was offered for sale in a limited number at Stüssy.

nike air forceblankblanknike air force

Images from Instagram.

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