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There is no one who does not know the teddy bear that is worthy of the name of Yumos, which we know with its softening products. These bears were on the shelves from time to time for promotion, especially with the brand’s softeners. Add laundry detergents along with your fabric softeners Yumos It also highlights its bassists in the announcement of this development.

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89 Furry bear wraps up the apartment

The company, which we only know with fabric softeners, first came up with laundry detergent in January last year. “Did the Yumos detergent come out?” The commercial with the title is the harbinger of this great change had been. Yumoş creates remarkable work for the promotion of its detergent category products after the publicity film, which draws attention with its soulful music. Placed outside a building on Rumeli Avenue in Nişantaşı, colorful Yumos bears surround the entire building. There are 89 colorful Yumos bears in the apartment, where the text “Yumos detergent worked very well” is in the middle.

Those who travel to Nişantaşı until March 26 can get a chance to see these colorful bears on the spot. Branding includes the actions of those who see the location through their Instagram account in their Stories. Judging from the posts, there are a lot of people who like this colorful installation. In the posts made on Twitter, there are those who think that such colorful work feels very positive and leaves a smile on their faces.


Visual: Instagram

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