Coding of humanity [SXSW 2021] Bigumigu

It quickly began to be designed online in 2021 after last year’s cancellation due to COVID-19. SXSW‘I’ve been following from the computer for the first time this year since I first went to Austin, Texas in 2012 with the entire Bigumigu SXSW team. The first panel I saw on the screen on the first day of the festival was the Japanese advertising and communication giant. DentsuPrepared by Humanity Code was the presentation. Dentsu Inc. to Executive Creative Director that is, the summary of the presentation made by Yasuharu Sasaki, the Executive Creative Director Dentsu website for presentation It is listed as follows:

“Technology can offer us more. It can offer more than efficiency and acceleration. And we humans are the ones who can take it further. Our instincts and emotions. Our love and creativity. Make humanity the next frontier of technology, which makes us uniquely human; code “.

The presentation, in which Dentsu navigated the limits of creativity by bringing humanity and technology closer together, consisted of 4 parts. Movement (movement), Wellness (you are not well), Food cycle (nutrient cycle) and Time (air).

Motion data labis an initiative that aims to record the movements of the human body with different and innovative methods and use the data obtained from it in different fields. One of these methods is a smart garment. Xenoma E-skin. Previously exposed as a concept in SXSW, We also write in Bigumigu The advantage of this suit over cameras and 3D scanners in motion data detection is that it can offer much more practical solutions with its portable and washable. As the company collects the body movements as data, it can more easily distinguish them and mark different movements such as a traditional dance or a sports movement. You can watch the Motion Data Lab video below.

Our second topic: Wellness. This concept fits more or less a place between physical health and mental health that concerns both. Conscious awareness in recent years (full attention), our knowledge of concepts like meditation increased. Especially thanks to our screens, we may need to learn to make an effort and practice to bring our mind, which is constantly wandering in other times and places, to where we are now, now. Marshmallog a smart stuffed toy whose project aims to help us in this regard.

Thanks to its gyroscope and sensors, you can measure how it is clamped, how much and how often it is clamped. It helps to better focus our attention with the measurements it takes. You can watch the presentation video below.

Introduced into the food cycle Hungry frame (hungry frame) aims to facilitate the use of our non-recyclable household waste at home and live the composting process inside the house. Ready technology already exists in nature in this area: black soldier fly larva. Hungry Frame is a biodevice that uses the larvae of this fly to treat waste.

The larvae can compost food waste at a very high rate. So while edible plants and even herbs can easily be grown in compost soil, flies completing their cycle become food in the aquarium below. Presentation video:

Dentsu’s Creative Coding Solution for Air Too Skypedia an application called. The goal of the practice is to teach us to understand the state of the approaching air looking up at the sky, just as it used to be. To do this, a technology is used that scans the shapes of the clouds and makes sense of these shapes with artificial intelligence. On the one hand, we read the cloud and get information about the weather, on the other hand, we learn what cloud shapes explain what weather conditions thanks to Skypedia. You can see Skypedia’s presentation in the video below, which is an interesting example of using the other way around to relearn a management that we forget about technology.

These projects are works developed by Dentsu supporting different initiatives. Motion Bank is already in the commercial stage. Other projects are still prototypes.

Visual: Dentsu SXSW

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