Code2 receives a $ 1 million investment from ScaleX

Palo Alto-based tech initiative from Turkey Code2, Scalexannounced that it has received an investment of $ 1 million. With this investment, the company launched the no-code web application development platform that it has been working on for a while. Code2, which aims for businesses and entrepreneurs to develop end-to-end applications without coding, received a core investment under the leadership of ScaleX Ventures. Tura, Code2’s first customer Aytekin Oldaç with the founder of PrimeTek Çağatay Çivici was also included.

Mustafa Sakalsız, CEO of Code2, that the advanced low-code / no-code platforms known today are aimed at the internal applications of corporate enterprises; says that most companies, regardless of their coding skills, are concerned about getting their products to their users as soon as possible. Sakalsız stresses that codeless platforms on the market today and targeted initiatives cannot respond to these needs after some stage. Stating that like Code2, they have developed a platform that their customers can use at all stages of the application instead of just the prototype or the first version, Mustafa Sakalsız adds that codeless platforms will remove technological barriers for those who want to do software.

No-code platforms don’t just make it easier for non-developers. In the demanding and demanding business world, where you hardly work without software, developers are pushing their limits too. This pushes developers to look for solutions for faster results.

Code2 CTO Veli ÖztürkStating that Code2 was not the result of enthusiasm, he says:

Code2 is a product that arises from the experience of two technical entrepreneurs in their twenty-year careers. Code2 frees us from doing monotonous and repetitive work that developers don’t like, helping to direct people, the most valuable part of an organization, to jobs where they can best use their creativity and skills.

The demand for software is growing faster than the number of developers who produce it. Especially early stage startups that do not offer attractive opportunities to talented developers are adversely affected by this situation. The biggest candidate to fill this gap are low-code / no-code platforms that significantly reduce the need for enterprise software developers. Published industry reports confirm this expectation, and the low-code / no-code industry is expected to become a $ 21 billion industry by 2022.

Founding partners of ScaleX Dilek Dayınlarlı Y Berkay MollamustafaogluEmphasizing that the demand for software has multiplied by 5 in recent years, he said:

This demand cannot be met with the current number of software developers. Therefore, we anticipate that interest in platforms like Code2 will increase rapidly. Mustafa and Veli see the direction the software industry is heading and have a product and vision to meet the needs of the future.

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