Cocoon three wheel bike: LEF

The rise of micro-mobility vehicles like bicycles, electric bikes, and scooters in recent years has gained even greater momentum with the epidemic. Therefore, we often come across innovative approaches, hybrid designs. The PodRide car-bike and the DryCycle 4-wheel pedal bike are among the most notable examples of bicycles protected against the elements and accidents. The LEF stands out for being such a closed and more stylish vehicle.

LEF, an elegant vehicle close to car comfort

Designed by Netherlands-based EV Mobility, the LEF is a 3-wheel electric bike. Ideal for short distance trips, a vehicle in the comfort of the car. It has a unique cocoon-shaped structure that protects users against weather conditions. With this design and color options, it has a nice aesthetic with vintage effects. If you compare the examples I gave in the introduction of the news, you can see that it is a cool electric bike in its own lane.

The vehicle has a maximum capacity of 3 batteries. Each 10 Ah battery provides a range of approximately 30 kilometers. Therefore, the range of the vehicle can be up to approximately 90 km. Its speed is limited to a maximum of 25 km per hour in accordance with legal regulations.

Renting LEF is possible in the Netherlands

LEF was created to provide sustainable and fast transportation for short distances. Its body is made of recyclable polyethylene and no polish was used. The digital display shows speed, battery status and mileage. Retractable handlebars not only make it easy to get on and off, but also allow users to set their own steering distance. Behind the seat there is enough space to store a 50 liter bag, shopping bags and other items.

LEF can be charged anywhere thanks to its 220V socket, so it does not require a charging station or any special hardware. The vehicle is currently for sale. It is also open to rent for those in the Netherlands. The sale price varies between € 3,100 – € 4,380. To rent a deposit of € 500 and € 25 daily rent is required.


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