Coca-Cola Bigumigu recyclable paper bottle

Companies are taking various measures regarding the amount of plastic waste, which is one of the biggest pressures that beverage brands face. Campaigns on this topic before running Coca-Cola aims to recycle 100 percent of its bottles and cans by 2030 as part of the company’s strategy and vision of A World without Waste. To support its commitment to zero waste, it is also working on the design of recyclable and plastic-free bottles. Danish company The Paper Bottle Company (PabocoScrubbed welded paper bottle created in collaboration with example one of them.

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Recyclable bottles as part of the zero waste goal

Plastic or tin bottles can withstand the force of pressurized carbonated drinks. The most critical point here is being able to produce a design that can withstand this pressure from the paper. The paper bottle still contains a thin plastic liner, which ensures proper preservation of carbonated beverages and can also be recycled. This makes the bottle sturdy. However, despite this small amount of plastic, the bottle can be 100 percent recycled.

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2000 bottles of paper bottles will meet with consumers in Hungary

The paper bottle testing process will begin with AdeZ, a fruit-flavored herbal drink offered by Coca-Cola in Hungary. Distribution of 2000 250 ml bottles in sales via an online retailer in Hungary in the second quarter of 2021 will be presented. In this way, steps will be taken to troubleshoot technical problems. Paboco aims to reduce the amount of plastic in the bottle to zero as an end result of the work in progress.

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A systematic approach needs to be taken in solutions that facilitate the circular economy. While replacing non-renewable materials like petroleum-based plastics seems very reasonable, replacing renewable materials like paper is not always easy in practice and the process is more complicated than it sounds. While it is necessary to find solutions that transform packaging 100% and include it in the circular system, brands also provide opportunities for short-term solutions that will save them time. Coca-Cola Europe’s director of innovation and supply, Daniela Zahariea, also emphasized that the paper bottle they announced is a milestone in this quest. is doing.

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